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Short guide to completing the Festive Trees and Snowmen
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 and Cobweb wrote4 years ago

The first thing you need is a Festive Tree or Snowman gift in your garden.  These take the form of a bare Tree, or a bare Snowman, which you need to complete by spotting festive wildlife.  Your friends can send you one as a gift, you can buy one for ten gold from the shop, or you can use these links to add as many as you like to your garden free of charge:

Once the item is in your garden, you will need to dress it by spotting winter wildlife.   Each item is dropped by a particular winter animal - every fifth of a kind will drop a specific item which will be added to your tree or snowman.


STREAMERS: Robin, Festive Field Mouse
GARLANDS: Cardinal, Festive White Mouse
SMALL GIFTS: Snowy Owl, Rudolph (these are the gifts which appear ON the tree, as decorations)
BAUBLES: Arctic Fox, Reindeer
LIGHTS: Festive Pygmy, Festive Mallard, Arctic Hare
LARGE GIFTS: All Elf Mice and Mallards (these are the gifts which appear UNDERNEATH the tree)


HAT: Festive Field Mouse
EYES: Cardinal, Festive White Mouse
NOSE: Snowy Owl, Rudolph
MOUTH: Festive Pygmy Mouse, Arctic Hare
ARMS: Arctic Fox, Reindeer
BUTTONS: Robin, Festive Mallard


Santa Snowmen attract Elf wildlife when it is snowing in your garden (ie if you are attracting Festive Mice and Mallards, they will be turned into Elf Mice and Mallards when you also have a completed Santa Snowman in your garden).   The Snowman MUST have all of the correct red items of clothing to be a Santa Snowman.  Please bear in mind that THE LAST ITEM WILL COMPLETE THE SNOWMAN, so if you complete yours with an item of clothing which is not correct for the Santa, you will have an ordinary snowman.  It is therefore recommended that you complete the snowman with either the nose or eyes, since there are no specific noses or eyes for the Santa.  You can discard items by hovering your mouse over the snowman and clicking the More Info link.  This brings up a list of the items which are already on the snowman and those which you still need, and gives you the option to discard them if you wish.  YOU CAN ONLY DO THIS WITH AN INCOMPLETE SNOWMAN.

All of the ordinary Festive Mice and Mallards will occasionally drop Santa parts, but the Elf wildlife will always do so.

HAT: Elf Field Mouse
MOUTH (beard): Elf Pygmy Mouse
ARMS (coat): Elf White Mouse
BUTTONS (with black belt): Elf Mallard

IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE TREE OR SNOWMAN IN YOUR GARDEN WHICH COULD USE THE ITEM it will go to the one furthest to the left which it can go to, as you look at your screen.  If you want one Snowman or Tree to be completed first, keep that to the left of any others. 


You will be able to store your Tree or Snowman at any point, whether it is completed or not.  Once your Tree or Snowman is complete, you will see the option to either Store or Harvest it.  IF YOU HARVEST IT, YOU WILL LOSE IT.  Harvesting a Snowman gives 10 square feet of Rainforest protection, and leaves an empty Snowman in your garden for you to complete.  The Trees cannot be harvested until the Large Gift has been opened, which you cannot do until nearer the New Year (there will be a News item announcing when this is possible).  When you are able to harvest the Tree, it gives 10 square feet of Rainforest protection, and leaves a Fairylight Pot in your garden.

You can see all of the available items for the Festive Tree and Snowman in Bram's "Wildlife Calculator" which you can find here:
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 and Polly wrote4 years ago

Which item gives the dress for Mrs. Santa Claus? Elf white mouse?
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 and Cobweb wrote4 years ago

The red dress with the yellow daisy buttons?  It counts as buttons, so it's dropped by the Robin or Festive Mallard - I don't believe it's classed as a Santa part because you then couldn't get the belt.
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 and My Two Dogs wrote4 years ago

Hi what do u have to find 4 the snowman with the pink around it's head ty
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 and Polly wrote4 years ago

Yes - thanks Tracey :)
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 and Cobweb wrote4 years ago

Judy, the umbrella and cape are arms.
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 and Atina wrote4 years ago

Will the last years santasnowman give me the crishtmas ctitters or does it have to be a New one . Put out last years and SF and got almost nothing but Cardinals and centaur :) so i must be doing something wrong :) :)
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 and Cobweb wrote4 years ago

You can use last years.
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 and Sinestra & Sheldon The Gnome wrote4 years ago

Can I ask why would you want to discard an item ? Thanks xx
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 and bruce wrote4 years ago

I am close to finishing my santa snowman I got a mouth from an arctic hair look like santa beard does it count or do i have to get 5 pygmy mice
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