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Specific Direction for Star Fish
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Liz and נєииу ιи тнє ѕє¢яєт Gαя∂єи8 years, 11 months ago


Before doing these 2 set ups you should attract both Sea Unicorns and Golden Sea dragons so that just one is missing for making pondweed. Then you need to attract adult frogs so that just one is missing for making spawn.

The problem I had with attracting Star fish specifically was the difficulty in getting all the corals needed, coloured in time. There was some helpful advice on the forum from a fairy and I have more or less written that up to be easier to follow, so this is not my own bright plan, but a collection of ideas ffrom fairies brighter than I am.

It is easiest to get the corals coloured in two different set ups.

For the first set up.

1.Violet pondweed - To get this, you need to plant the Pink cap mushroom in your rainbow rocks so that it's RFH - put out Violet rocks (available from the pot shop- after you have completed the tasks leading up to them). Place veg on two tables. Once planted, dust up to fully grown. Remove the Pink cap mushroom and store the rainbow rocks once the pondweed is coloured, then plant a Supershroom if you have a lot of jewels, otherwise, risk the few mermaids. You don't need one for the lower coloured corals, but I used one for these, although one ends up removing it after a short while, so it is a waste.

2. Plant a Forest sunlight - will detract the orange and yellow guppy. You will still get red guppies, but there is no space to deter the red unfortunately.

3. Three corals (green, violet, blue) - To plant corals, place the grey used pond rocks in garden and plant a coral from the seed shop. The guppy will colour the coral.
Underwater toadstool. Try not to lose heart if it takes awhile for the violet guppy to visit and colour your coral. Mine took nearly a full day.

4.  Two low tables with berries - use low tables, so that it does not attract the adult frog, then you can remove your frog deterrent to have enough space in the garden and replace later when needed.

For the second set up:

1. Remove the Violet pondweed (keep the grey pot in storage) and get yellow pondweed (by attracting one Golden Seadragon)

2. Plant  2 corals (yellow, orange) - same process as above

3. Put 2 tables with food, or Forest ruby (or Supershroom) instead of one table. I did it without the ruby or the Shroom as these lower guppies come quite easily.

Liz and נєииу ιи тнє ѕє¢яєт Gαя∂єи8 years, 11 months ago

4.Once all the corals have been coloured, put in a high plate with Superberries and remove Dulcia if you have one and place an empty low plate out, then wait for the Adult Frog to lay the spawn.

5.Once Frog Spawn is laid, be sure to plant a Supershroom and wait for your Star fish to arrive. There is competition from Spider Crabs as there is no space for an Indigo coral to detract them, so hunker down and enjoy the ride, you will most likely have to do it at least twice to get your ten.

6.One last word, keep an eye on your underwater toadstool, and possibly replace it before planting your Shroom.

7.Enjoy the sense of achievement from completing a really difficult task.

Merethe and Silence 3 years, 4 months ago

Do you ditch your corals from the shrimp task before you do the Starfish?

Peta and Prairie3 years, 4 months ago

You will need to either get rid of the indigo or the blue coral to have enough room to plant up the violet - the consensus is to go without the indigo - so you will always get spidercrabs with a star fish set up :)

Sherene and Gnomeo3 years, 4 months ago

The Indigo isn't needed as the Shrimps are deterred by the Violet Coral :)

Sarah and Summer-Rose Scarborough UK 3 years, 3 months ago

Is there an attracting and spotting requirement for completing this challenge ?

Tracey and Cobweb3 years, 3 months ago

For the bottom dwellers, you need to attract 10 and spot 5 of each.

Sarah and Summer-Rose Scarborough UK 3 years, 3 months ago

Thank you x

Michelle and Miss Spicy & Michelle2 years, 7 months ago

I'll soon be on the starfish so I know how this all works but my question is, what would happen if I only have violet coral & not bother with all the other colours, will I get the odd starfish spotted in amongst all the other bottom dwellers or is it a waste of time?

Tracey and Cobweb (Tracey)2 years, 7 months ago

In theory, you could still attract the starfish.  But it would be highly unlikely to show up very often (if at all), given the competition from the rest of the Bottom Dwellers which are all considerably less rare.
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