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Bee challenge - step by step instructions
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Stef and Miss Fortune™˜ ´`'*°♔7 years, 5 months ago

Explanation of the concept :

-There are 7 colors (and levels) of bees where each lower level provides you conditions for next level.
You start with getting beehive from the free gifts or from the self-gifting link (see in Most Useful Topics).
-The beehive will attract the red bees in your garden if you have berries out.Every bee that gets spotted goes into the hive and contributes into the honey making (every bee produces 20% of honey ).You need 5 bees to fill up the beehive.Much like the the nests which also needs 5 birds to complete the nest.Also you can see which colors of bees entered the hive by clicking on the SHOW link on your beehive (Status :X0 % Full Of Honey! Honey Made By: [show] )

-Once your hive is full you can harvest it.That will give you Honeypot in which you can plant Honey Blossom.
The Honeypot also shows which colors of bees contributed in the making of the honey which you can also see just as in the beehive.

-Honey Blossom is a flower with 5 petals .The seed can be found ONLY by hunting and spotting your first bee of each color and then every 10th red bee spotted ,every 7th orange bee spotted and so on (see wildlife guide for each bee ).You will need plenty of these!
*I don't have calculated how many, but roughly (even if you have bad luck with rarer bees) I'd say 5 per level (5x7 =35) .BUT only if you remove the flowers with fewer rare colors often or if you don't plant them simultaneously with lower level flowers.If you don't remove them or have multiple lower level flower ,for surely you will need a lot more.10 even -I can't be sure as there are many variables.
-The colors of bees that contributed in the hive directly affects the colors of the petals of the flower.For example, if you got 5 red bees in the hive your flower will have 5 RED petals.When Honey Blossom seed is planted in that pot (and fully grown) it will start attracting bees with same colors as its petals where EACH FLOWER WITH ALL SAME PETALS MILDLY ATTRACTS THE BEE ONE LEVEL ABOVE.
For example, a flower with all 5 yellow petals will mildly attract green bees.
EACH Honey Blossom FLOWER once it reaches fully grown lasts 24 hours.You can't fruit dust it but you can remove it.

-One beehive in garden is enough but you can have more.If you have more beehives then the spotted bees will go into the leftmost one.

-Mushrooms: as usual -supershroom is best,if not then enchanted mushrooms- in which case I recommend high plates.If you have 3-4 flowers you can go without mushroom at all.

IMPORTANT:As bees eat berries be mindful of your tadpoles/froglets/adult underwater frogs on your back wall and the adult land frogs in your garden as they (adult land frogs ) will visit you on high plates of berries if you have them available.If that is the case, plant and fully dust Dulcia Somniflora before putting the beehive in the garden to deter them.If you have none spotted or available then don't bother with Dulcia Somniflora.
OR use low plates but have in mind that if you have plants that attract raccoon and hedgehog they will visit you all the time.

IMPORTANT:Beehive attracts ONLY red bees and ONLY if there are no Honey Blossom flowers in the garden.In which case the only way to get red bees with Honey Blossom flower (with or without beehive) is if that flower has red petals in it.

NOTE: NO, having orange bellis or other level up colored flower won't help you as bees are attracted by PETALS only (and beehive for the red bees). But, sure you can plant as many as you like if you wish.

Overall: Each level contains 2 colors - which means also that flowers grown can be with maximum 2 kinds of colors.
To be exact:Red level - red and orange petals.Orange level (after getting 5 orange petals flower) - Orange and yellow petals.Yellow level (after getting 5 yellow petals flower )- yellow and green petals and so on..

Stef and Miss Fortune™˜ ´`'*°♔7 years, 5 months ago


Step 1.Put beehive in your garden and put berries .(*Plant Dulcia Somniflora if you have adult land frog available)

Step 2.Attract 5 red bees -they will fill your hive with honey.Now it is ready for harvest.Harvest it.Beehive will be replaced with honeypot.

*(At this point you need to have Honey Blossom seed.If you don't have it yet go hunt for your first red bee.)

Step 3.Plant Honey Blossom seed in the Honeypot and dust it (or leave it to grow naturally which it will take 1 day and 2 days till RFH)
Also, put brand new beehive in the garden.The flower will have 5 red petals and it will attract mostly red bees and some orange ones.
I don't have the ratios but I'd like to compare it to unicorns (ONLY for 5 petals flowers) : sometimes you may get 2-3 higher level colors in short time and other times none with hours.

Step 4.Once you get the new beehive full (put it to storage or remove it if they are all red) and in it you have at least ONE orange bee then harvest it and plant new seed (again make sure you hunt bees to get the seeds).
Dust it (or leave it till it grows naturally) and it will attract more orange bees than the 5 red petals one -which is recommended to remove it once you plant the new seed that has orange petals. You can delay the planting though if you wish and fill more beehives with the first flower.The more orange petals in the flower the stronger attraction to the orange bees.

Step 5.Repeat Step 4 until you have beehive full of orange bees - which when harvested will give you honey pot with 5 orange bees in it - in which when you plant honey blossom seed will produce flower with ALL 5 orange petals. Which will no longer attract red bees but ONLY orange ones and also MILDLY will attract yellow bees.Here is where the circle closes.
*Also either don't plant the 5 orange petals flower until your other lower flower/s are RFH or if you plant it remove all other flowers as the flowers with red petals will bring you red bees -they are huge competition for the berries when you try for higher colors.

Step 6.When you get your first yellow bee the circle starts again (but with new colors) where the orange bees will be as the red ones and yellow bees will be as rare as the orange bees on the previous level.And so on until you reach violet level.

Good luck and have fun.I hope there is a rainbow bee or the Queen Bee at the end :))

Gitte and Yoga Cat✿7 years, 5 months ago

Thank you Stef :o)xoxo  What if you get to ex the full orange honey blossom, and then want to do something else in your garden. Do you then have to start all over again with attracting the red bees ?

Ruth and Begonia7 years, 5 months ago

No - once you've got an orange pot (or whatever colour) you can save it for later

Ruth and Begonia7 years, 5 months ago

I think once it's finished (or at any time during if you're in no rush) it would be fun to do a multicoloured flower

Daniela and Víla Amálka7 years, 5 months ago

Yeah I agree, I wouldn't do that unless at the end myself. The formulation was just a bit confusing :)

 and Saphire ***South Wales, UK ***7 years, 5 months ago

There could be a possibility of each petal being 1 of each colour in order to get a rainbow flower resulting in a rainbow bee being attracted yr garden...just a!!

Thanks for all the info..gonna see this 1 through if all goes well with hunting seeds

Ruth and Begonia7 years, 5 months ago

Had a thought
If you've got a multicoloured flower, it'll attract different coloured bees
which will fill the hive with different colured honey
which will give you another multicoloured flower ................. it's never ending

..... that is until you get 2 of the same colour and that colour bee is more attracted - then gradually the flower will normalise to a single colour again
just like a cross breed going back to true ...... just like real pollination

Sounds like fun!

Benni and Seychelle 7 years, 5 months ago

Many of us will get a hive full of red bees. I assume then we keep trying for a hive with at least one orange bee. Is that correct? And put away the hive with red bees?

Evelyn and Cerulea7 years, 5 months ago

How do you determine if you have frogs available?
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