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 and Twinkle wrote1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi Diane Maggie lives in a village I think their roads were all flooded but her house was ok . A few roads will remain closed with the damage and a bridge. A village just outside the city is still cut off ....the flood was so high it breached the levee. The farmers are using their tractors to transport people and food. Thankfully non of the houses are flooded just 500 people cut off xxxxx

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 and Thalia Purple Dew Drop .. Gaff.Gang....028..x wrote2 months, 3 weeks ago

Hi Diane...hope the steroids work what a nightmare..your own body attacking itself....after a wet & windy night we have a lovely day very spring like..snowdrops and primroses flowering in the garden...take care..hugs..xx

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 and Carnie wrote3 months ago

Feel better soon :)

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 and Twinkle wrote3 months, 1 week ago

Hi Diane how are you ? Hope you're feeling better. Wishing you and Trevor a Happy New Year XXXX

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 and Twinkle wrote3 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi Diane hope you feel better very soon ! Take care HUGS and love xxxxxxx

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 and Tinkerbell wrote6 months ago

Hi yes thank you have received gifts. Hope you are well xxx

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 and Twinkle wrote6 months ago

Hi Diane yes thank you so much I received your gift...but no room to plant at the moment. Yes the hearing aid is good and balance getting better .....although at times now I think it's ME ! I've had so many wobbly moments I need to get my confidence back with using certain shop staircases !  I'll get there ! XXXX

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 and Twinkle wrote6 months, 1 week ago

Hi Diane I used to swim three times a week and swim a mile each time .....also walking to and from the pool about half a mile each way.....when my Boys were at Primary school. Started to get lots of infections/irritations in my left ear. Then tinnitus started and partial hearing loss. As I've got older the tinnitus has got worse's the sound of a hgv  on tick over! My balance I put down to "the change" . It was only when supporting a pupil in school with swimming and getting into the pool that my good,right ear blocked up ! That's when I realised how bad the hearing was in my left ear ! So went for a hearing test! Had my right ear cleared and then a hearing test. My right side is absolutely fine....above normal. But my left not......which is unusual. I've had an MRI scan on my head a d now have the hearing aid. The audiology dept gold me of the balance connection and I'm now awaiting an appt. To assess my balance. Although it's been better now I have the hearing aid......but I DON'T have the courage to use an escalator on my own. (I'm only mid 50s) xxxx

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