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 and Whisper wrote4 weeks ago


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 and Cypress wrote1 month ago

My pleasure!

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 and Nocturna wrote1 month, 1 week ago

HI Alexandra,

been a busy few days, its been overnight rain then hot in the day tomatoe plants going balistic already on their 4th truss thats a first for June, kicker is cutting cutting then cutting grass normally its get easier this time of year but nope not yet. Coronavirus is rising again can see no end really, out in the wild doesnt affect us really apart from the mask wearing and this is so so uncomfortable.
Has the effects of ivy worn off now, never found time read about it.  Been cutting and freezing dill like crazy trying to eat the freezer empty ready for the deluge of french beans in a about 3 weeks or so, finding stuff i forget was in there  so many odd bits,spring cleaning should really include sorting out the freeze dont you think, some dates certainly looked a bit dodgey!! Nights are lovely here, swallows at dusk, and glow worms in the air at night silent and beautiful with just the odd scarey noise from deep within the forest , although today found a cricket on the balcony and it was bigger than my hand having seen the program where one of them attacked and ate a turantula door was kept closed until is was out of the way they look beastly, do you get th

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 and Nocturna wrote1 month, 1 week ago

positive early morning to you, its 5.13 here had to start early coz gotta an appointment early afternoon, hope all is well your way summer is well and truely here now, waking up to singing birds and a cool breeze xx

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 and PATRICE wrote1 month, 2 weeks ago

ty for spotting Alexandra

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 and Nocturna wrote2 months ago

evening Alexandra, sorry to hear you are not to well, never heard of anything getting poison ivy, sounds very uncomfortable.
its been a rainy rainy 3 days here garden needed it , now the sun comes back tomorrow for a week so best time for flower planting to give the garden a bit of colour, but it is cold overnigt dropping to almost 8, poor tomatoes plants but they are surviving. Today was chore today but tomorrow must get to the garden to tidy up the weeds which will appear everywhere after such a few days and plant some flowers, then got to do three letters , Germany is very much into paperwork and got a backlog to do before end of june, so it will be relaxing still working at home so getting a nap late afternoon so batteries never start flashing and beeping, get well soon xxxx

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 and Nocturna wrote2 months, 1 week ago

A sunny and chilly good morning to you!

Just started work its 7am here still working from home, bread is baked and coffee is still emiiting the Elixier of all aromas.

Garden has just so dry but everything is handing in there, tomatoes are in, and been waiting for a window to plant the French beans, this weekend is the whitsun holiday so Monday is free, so over the weekend thats the job, that should be the last big planting day, from then on just the odd herb to go or if inspiration suddenly takes hold of me!!

June is always the month the potato beetles start, so a nightly check on every plant, every plant, thats just over 150 , every leave , flicking them into a jar and then feeding them to the salmon and trout in the glan or lauter river, not a nice job but if you miss one, just one , and a little colony breaks out, that can destroy the plant in a few days, legend is the beetle was a dropped on Germany by americans during the cold war on east Germany, for sure in England there are none at all.

so will get the working day over then take a nap then stroll to the garden to make the plans, so a weekend of the outdoors on the cards, what it is i stor

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 and Nocturna wrote2 months, 2 weeks ago

good morniing Alexandra from a sunny valley, ah lockdown easing here it hasnt really changed ,  masks everything , one or two allowed in a shop (masked) and so on. I see in the cities everything is starting to open up , whole countries cannot just stop forever. I just hope people dont forget the virus hasnt gone away, its there, each time it works its way into an old peoples home, they are wiped I hope people are sensible and think of that, the speed it spread is just crazy.

today it looks like its gonna show a few times good for the garden, good the grass but then means i gotta cut it again avoiding tics, yuk.

Tomatoes in  next is the French beans b, I todays job I start that so a very active day dont plan to be inside that much weather dependant of course, these been no sign of slugs so far this year or ants that i find a little odd.

wishing you a healthy and rewarding weekend xx

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 and Nocturna wrote2 months, 2 weeks ago

so busy in real life right now, should slow down next week, tomorrow morning tomatoes in, then next i thinkk French beans then need to see when to plant carrots II, so far work finish, nap then outside getting very tiring but rewarding and so so how , how are things your way anything special at the weekend planned x

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 and Juniper Berry wrote2 months, 3 weeks ago

You too! ❤️

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