FoReSt is wondering what happened to the snail ? races, alchemy or the other ways to find gold?
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TypeForest Fairy
Born OnSeptember 11th (age: 13 years, 1 month)
Human's Name
Garden💜💜🌞BlAcK fOrEsT [South Africa] 🌞💜💜
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 


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The Fishy Namesakes still seem to cause some confusion sometimes, so I thought it might be useful to have these listed on the forums in an accessible place, for those who wish to see them.  This page contains spoilers, so if you prefer to work them out for yourself, please don't read any further.

The basic premise is that you have to set up for the wildlife which the fish is named after, but with your garden underwater.  Where there are two other wildlife included in the name of the fish, you would need a set up which was attractive to both.  For the Fishy Namesakes, either feeding table may be used, even if the wildlife the fish is named after would only use a particular table.

Deterrents for the wildlife the fish is named after will also deter the Fishy Namesake.  The only exception to this is the Hippo Tang where you can deter the underwater Hippo without deterring the Hippo Tang.

Eats: birdmix
Attracting plants:  As for Red Squirrel - Taiyo Bonsai, or red flowers
Deterred by: all fully grown or ready to harvest herbs, except the RTH Nestflower

Eats: veggies
Attracting plants:  As for Zeb

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