Titania back from her holiday in the sun
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Born OnFebruary 20th (age: 16 years)
Human's NameGwyneth
GardenTitania's Palace garden
Sprinkle Gold 


Rose and Josie Jo❤️5 days, 18 hours ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx

Life so busy and yes half term was extra busy week for me xx

I’m appealing against care provision for my daughter so my time and mind is full of that!
It’s a confusing long procedure but it needs to be contested as the assessment is full of errors sigh
Fighting the NHS isn’t pleasant!

Hope you are both well, are you planning your next trip away ?
Hugs xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️4 weeks ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
Oh my glad you didn’t get burnt by the boiling marmalade!
Practice makes perfect I’m sure 😉
Enjoy your afternoon now the fog has lifted ,I was driving around the countryside this morning got stuck behind a tractor full of hay and couldn’t see to overtake!
Just having a cuppa whilst my grandson has lunch xx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
Life just so busy have a quick half an hour before I help my daughter xx
Hope your week is going well xxxhugs xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month ago

It certainly was a lovely place to visit xx
I thought poinsettias were only annual plants how fascinating maybe next time I have one I’ll try a d look after it better xx
Bird of paradise plants are fascinating they have one at the private pool I visit xx
Must dash my Josie is calling xxx
Have a lovely Sunday ☀️xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 1 week ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
Lovely photos, looks a great place to visit xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hugs ❤️

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 3 weeks ago

Hope alls ok Gwyneth xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 3 weeks ago

Happy new year Gwyneth xxx
Were were all ill the past few days daughter passed on a sickness bug !
Hope your new week is off to a grande start xxxhugs xx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 4 weeks ago

Hi Gwyneth xx
Did you have a lovely Christmas xx
Hasn’t the weather been awful those gales glad we didn’t get the tornado folks up north did !
Have a lovely weekend xxxhugs xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️2 months ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
Thanks for your message xx

Sweet making sounds nice,hope you get the time to make it xx
Ahh fingers crossed the weather stays dry today, I expect Paultons park looks nice and festive for the children xx

My Josie is getting a cold , going to wear a mask at the drs as my eldest who works there has Covid, she tells me a lot of it around !
Josie couldn’t have any injections so being very cautious xxx
Have a lovely day xxx
And Merry Christmas 🎄 Gwyneth my lovely friend xxxif I told get change to pop in on the big day xxx ❤️

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