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Born OnFebruary 20th (age: 14 years, 11 months)
Human's NameGwyneth
GardenTitania's Palace garden
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Rose and Josie Jo❤️57 minutes, 47 seconds ago

You do make the most of your days and nights :)
Least it wasn’t too chilly today,but then I was moving around ,bit different sat in a shady stadium!
Oh it’s handy to have soup in the freezer,I batch cook curries and chillis to save time on my busier days.
It’s going to get cold tonight we had a bit of respite from the minus temperatures.
Have a lovely chilled Monday xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️21 hours, 13 minutes ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
My you are having a musical weekend:)
Good your device isn’t too bulky as you having an active day xx
I’m full of cold so didn’t go out just watched a few movies and batched cooked curry .
Enjoy your evening hugs xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️4 days, 18 hours ago

Good Evening Gwyneth xxx
Soton I believe is an excellent heart hospital so you will get the best care xx
I’m missing  my Smudge she got so friendly even let me pick her up for cuddles, they leave such a void when they pass sigh xxxx

You take care of yourself xxx hugs xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️5 days, 19 hours ago

Hi Gwyneth xxxx
Oh do you know your results from the tests?
I hope nothing serious ((hugs))
7 days that’s a long time I hope it’s not to uncomfortable to have at night :/
But reassuring your heart beat was consistent in Hospital xx

My January been just awful I had to have my kitty put to sleep (she had an aggressive bone cancer) it knocked me for six  having to say goodbye,she was my little companion xx
My Josie not had a great month so feeling was a bit down :/
But here I am again back online xxx
You take care of yourself hugs xxxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
Oh that’s sad about your daughter ,grandson and the affects alcohol can have on families xx
Sending hugs xx not easy for you xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month ago

Happy new year Gwyneth xx
I hope the week is going well and you enjoyed your walk,very dull isn’t it!
But grateful it’s not cold :)

My Josie is still unwell she can’t blow her nose or cough that well so her cold is lingering:/
Have the dietitian visiting next week (it’s been many years,since we saw her face to face )

Congratulations for your granddaughter getting her degree 🎉👍
They sound busy bees with a new home and the decorating,but nice once it’s finished and they can admire their handiwork :))

I’m sorry your daughter and grandson didn’t make the effort to see you ,must of made you feel sad xxxhugs xx

I think we all dread getting on the scales after the festive season ha ha
Have a lovely evening xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi Gwyneth
Your afternoon with the grandchildren was fun,I expect they are very excited now.
I too make biscuits and cakes with mine ,good to teach them life skills and biscuits are a good starting point :))
Oh you are clever own mince meat:))
I’ve made 2 Christmas cakes, if I remember correctly you make your own too?

Yes lots to do tomorrow and leading up to the big day and a roast dinner with the trimmings.
Have a lovely evening xxx
Goodnight xxxhugs xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
Oh how lovely, you do get out and about xx
Be nice for you to catch up with your family after Christmas xx
Everything is so expensive so great your nubbiest got a deal :))
I really don’t like honey but it’s supposed to be beneficial for many ailments.
Have a lovely evening xx

I be busy in the kitchen from Friday as I do like to make dairy free bakes for my grandchildren and lots of other goodies for the family to eat over the festive season :))

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
Still coughing and full of cold but feeling better.
Are you having a quiet Christmas Day ?
I’m cooking for 8 people ,busy but I’m quite used to it now :)
Have a lovely evening xxx

Rose and Josie Jo❤️1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi Gwyneth xxx
Did you watch the World Cup , certainly entertaining for the crowd !

I’m full of cold was supposed to be going to Keydale nursery tomorrow but Josie also poorly,Shame we bought tickets for the winter walk ,ahh well next year.
Are you ready for Christmas xxx
Have a lovely evening and take care xxx

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