Lacey May

TypeShe Is A Clever Fairy
Born OnApril 10th (age: 1 year, 4 months)
Human's Name
GardenSenna Spiritual Garden A True Canine Friend
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 
Sprinkle Diamonds 


 and Jiminie wrote2 weeks, 2 days ago

Im getting alittle better each day. Ive missed this game so much, i couldn't wait to get back to it.  Hoping to spot that winged unicorn soon! So far i have spotted my first blavk unicorn though! Those are so pretty..: )    xxx

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 and Jiminie wrote2 weeks, 3 days ago

Gardens open now.. Thank you so much for all the care hun! Xx

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 and Queen ATHENA wrote4 weeks, 1 day ago

Hi, how are you, im kind of back. Wishing you well, and sending love

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 and Lacey May wrote1 month, 1 week ago


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 and Quynn wrote1 month, 2 weeks ago

:O IT WORKED :O Thank you!

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 and Pipkin The Purple People Eater Hunter !!! wrote2 months ago

congrats on your RU ;) I was at work lol xx

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 and Clover☘™Patch wrote2 months ago

Congrats Hun waste of gold like normal
Goodnight have work in morning xx

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 and Lacey May wrote2 months, 3 weeks ago

Congratulations - you and Lacey May have successfully harvested the Pot Of Gold, which has given you an extra 100 Gold!

Another 10 square feet of rainforest have also been adopted by this Garden!

Congratulations on becoming the 60671st Fairylander to find a pot of Gold at both ends of the rainbow!

Your Garden has now reached 'Level 42' which is the highest of the Garden Levels!

But this is certainly not the end of your Fairyland adventure - the best is yet to come with some wonderful new arrivals in Fairyland in the near future... look out for more news soon!

You have also received a level-up bonus of 20 Gold!

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 and Mimzee wrote4 months ago

(((Hugs)))❤️ Congratulations!! Thanks for alerting me...i knew you were in many good hands❤️ Have a spectacular Sunday!!

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 and Vinka wrote4 months, 1 week ago

Thanks to you!!!

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Quests Completed
Lacey May is Quest Level I, and has completed these Quests:
Level I Quests
(3 of 19 Quests Completed)
Mouse Hunter
Best spotting time:
11 minutes, 44 seconds
Nice Weather For Ducks
Best spotting time:
35 minutes, 53 seconds
The Tortoise And The Hare
Not yet completed
Bunny Business
Not yet completed
Watch The Birdie
Not yet completed
Here Be Dragons
Not yet completed
Reach For The Stars
Not yet completed
Not yet completed
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Not yet completed
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
Not yet completed
The Ugly Bug Ball
Not yet completed
Random Assortment
Not yet completed
Seasonal Quests
Think Pink
Not yet completed
Spooky Sprinkling
Not yet completed
Winter Wonderland
Best spotting time:
2 minutes, 19 seconds
Be My Valentine
Not yet completed
Do You Have The Eggs Factor?
Not yet completed
Luck Of The Irish
Not yet completed
Fun In The Sun
Not yet completed

Total Earnings: 32 Scrolls

Wildlife Spotted  
Lacey May has spotted 417 of 482 possible wildlife in other Gardens:
(8 of 8 Spotted)

(21 of 21 Spotted)

Bottom Dwellers
(4 of 7 Spotted)

Frog Breeding
(4 of 4 Spotted)

Pondweed Combos
(4 of 7 Spotted)

Fishy Namesakes
(4 of 7 Spotted)

A Rainbow Of Fish
(13 of 14 Spotted)

Pond Mythological
(5 of 7 Spotted)

Pond & Garden
(4 of 8 Spotted)

(1 of 1 Spotted)

Snow White
(9 of 10 Spotted)

Three Billy Goats Gruff
(4 of 5 Spotted)

Jack And The Beanstalk
(4 of 5 Spotted)

The Ugly Duckling
(4 of 4 Spotted)

The Frog Prince
(2 of 3 Spotted)

The Three Bears
(5 of 5 Spotted)

The Three Little Pigs
(5 of 5 Spotted)

Baby Chicks
(10 of 17 Spotted)

Mystical Butterflies
(15 of 15 Spotted)

Albino & Melanistic
(14 of 15 Spotted)

(7 of 7 Spotted)

(12 of 12 Spotted)

(6 of 7 Spotted)

(7 of 7 Spotted)

Baby Wildlife
(54 of 72 Spotted)

(13 of 13 Spotted)

(78 of 91 Spotted)

Levels 11+
(44 of 45 Spotted)

Levels 1-10
(37 of 38 Spotted)

(15 of 18 Spotted)

Common Wildlife
(4 of 4 Spotted)

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