Born OnApril 7th (age: 10 years, 10 months)
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GardenPerfect Haven
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
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 and Elsie wrote21 hours, 49 minutes ago

Hi Margaret got confession no not done much with my crossie i'm hopeless. i need to look at it again things sometimes come to you when you have a fresh eyes looking on it. been not a bad day here sunshine but cold still. was hosing down stuff in the back garden today gave the birds fresh bath water forever filling their bath sometimes twice in a day when its their bath day haha.. did window cleaning and my kitchen blind its a dirt collector Venetian blind.  did some washing of sheets. won't get much done tomorrow as will be out to the hairdresser for noon looking forward to getting it done just a cut and finish but will be nice to be tidy again. i believe we will be getting more storms coming Uk's way what a thought.  lovely you are so clever doing lots of knitting and crochet . wished i was near so you could learn me as the patterns are quite complex. and its horrible when i drop stitches i don't know how to rectify. i use to do cross stitch when i had better vision and i'm quite a neat sewing stitcher but thats it really. hope you have a nice night out to do your crossies and you manage to keep awake must relax you both so much lol.. have a nice night xxx

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 and Elsie wrote1 day, 20 hours ago

Hi Margaret thats a shame you were both tired this time for your crossword night. so you must have heaved all your books home again.  good luck for tomorrow night then. you did really well going to the gym it is a thought doing exercise but your right you do feel good doing it and better still afterwards knowing youve done it. hope youve been okay in the storms sweeping UK terrible flooding in places. we've been not too bad it was quite stormy last night but nothing to what others have had. i would be happy to do your sewing lol as i cannot knit very good but Albert is one lucky wee lad.  i've got some sewing to do my pygamas bottoms the elastic seems to have gone with age at the waist it was so flimsy anyway when I bought them years ago you wouldn't know there was elastic there  so bought some new thin width elastic but its how i'm going to do the job as its all stitched up and not really a hem at the waist. so thought in running a length of cotton webbing edging in the inside of the pygjama waist  sewing it in then threading the elastic through the webbing will have to be my neatest stitches as the pygmas are quite soft but ever so comfy in bed . I couldn't think of any other best way to do it. been quite a busy day cleaning then catching up on ironing. then cooking. just sat down now and its bedtime malcolm's gone up ahead already. enjoy your evening Margaret glad you've internet again. xxx

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 and Lucy wrote4 days, 4 hours ago

´*•...¸  (*•.¸🐟 .•*)¸...•*`

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 and Lucy wrote1 week, 4 days ago

☆*´¨`☽          ¸.★*´☽
(      ☆* Sprinkles *´
`★.¸¸¸. •°

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Mouse Hunter
Best spotting time:
23 hours, 21 minutes
Nice Weather For Ducks
Best spotting time:
1 week, 1 day
The Tortoise And The Hare
Not yet completed
Bunny Business
Best spotting time:
2 weeks, 4 days
Watch The Birdie
Best spotting time:
1 day, 13 hours
Here Be Dragons
Best spotting time:
7 hours, 43 minutes
Reach For The Stars
Not yet completed
Not yet completed
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Not yet completed
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
Not yet completed
The Ugly Bug Ball
Not yet completed
Random Assortment
Not yet completed
Seasonal Quests
Think Pink
Not yet completed
Spooky Sprinkling
Not yet completed
Winter Wonderland
Not yet completed
Be My Valentine
Not yet completed
Do You Have The Eggs Factor?
Not yet completed
Luck Of The Irish
Not yet completed
Fun In The Sun
Not yet completed

Total Earnings: 40 Scrolls

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(3 of 7 Spotted)

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(3 of 7 Spotted)

(2 of 7 Spotted)

(2 of 7 Spotted)

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Bottom Dwellers
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Frog Breeding
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Pondweed Combos
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Fishy Namesakes
(2 of 7 Spotted)

A Rainbow Of Fish
(1 of 14 Spotted)

Pond Mythological
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Pond & Garden
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(1 of 1 Spotted)

Snow White
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Three Billy Goats Gruff
(1 of 5 Spotted)

Jack And The Beanstalk
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The Ugly Duckling
(1 of 4 Spotted)

The Frog Prince
(1 of 3 Spotted)

The Three Bears
(2 of 5 Spotted)

The Three Little Pigs
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Baby Chicks
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Albino & Melanistic
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