Elorac North Wales.

Elorac North Wales. is wondering why it is so hard to spot wildlife over 120 gold and still not got past 34 inches ?
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Born OnNovember 3rd (age: 15 years, 7 months)
Human's NameCarole
GardenBenar Glade
Sprinkle Gold 


Natalie and ⭐️Ѕкєℓℓιиg⭐️(FFU)15 hours, 1 minute ago

I couldn’t wait either and used my free Superfood too! 🤣🤣

Natalie and ⭐️Ѕкєℓℓιиg⭐️(FFU)15 hours, 18 minutes ago

It’s all about the timing! 😉 Good luck Carole xx 💕

Natalie and ⭐️Ѕкєℓℓιиg⭐️(FFU)16 hours, 13 minutes ago

Hey Carole, I just waited until the quiet time (when everyone over there is asleep) around Midday for me, and kept going back to the missed wildlife list on the wildlife guide.

Petra and ¤`° `¤ .ԼƲCƘƳ PíƓ `° ¤ .° ¤ 2 days, 3 hours ago

The superfood lasts 48 hours regardless. So its a bad Idea to freezz.
You can plan it with attracting too, the Bees give more inches.

Petra and ¤`° `¤ .ԼƲCƘƳ PíƓ `° ¤ .° ¤ 2 days, 4 hours ago

Hi Carole

I have tried to upload pics. It's not working at the moment. I will try again on Sunday. You can inbox your email when you like.
So i cut send you some pics of Achti. She is still sleeping a lot. Büre seams to like her they ged along well. Glad about that. Here is the weather bad too we have Rain all the time. I am soo behind with my Garden 🙈

Have a great weekend 😘

Jim and MERLIN GRAND MASTER & Pink Fluffybutt Uni Rider1 week, 1 day ago

Thank you. 😊

So very happy to be done

💕 💞 ♥ 💜 💙 🧡 💕 💞

Petra and ¤`° `¤ .ԼƲCƘƳ PíƓ `° ¤ .° ¤ 1 week, 1 day ago

Hi yes she is here, and so cute! Büre is happy. He's already bringing her baby mice home 🙈
She is still a little scared of him. But she loves the scratching post. I still have a little trouble feeding them. Because they gave her dry food, which is very unhealthy for kittens.
But that will come. She is now 16 weeks I will post pictures on FB on Monday. I hope you are doing well. Has your husband recovered from the fall?
Happy Weekend ❣️

Natalie and ⭐️Ѕкєℓℓιиg⭐️(FFU)1 week, 4 days ago

Yes, wouldn’t that be nice! 🤣

Grace and Alfie1 week, 5 days ago

❤️, thanks Carole

Carole and Elorac North Wales. 1 week, 5 days ago

Monday. Red
Tuesday Yellow
Wednesday Blue
Thursday Violet
Friday Orange
Saturday Green
Sunday indigo

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Mouse Hunter (Level I)
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Nice Weather For Ducks (Level I)
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The Tortoise And The Hare (Level I)
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Bunny Business (Level I)
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Watch The Birdie (Level I)
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Here Be Dragons (Level I)
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Reach For The Stars (Level I)
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Wrigglies (Level I)
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1 hour, 6 minutes
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Level I)
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One For Sorrow, Two For Joy (Level I)
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The Ugly Bug Ball (Level I)
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Random Assortment (Level I)
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Think Pink (Level I)
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Spooky Sprinkling (Level I)
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Winter Wonderland (Level I)
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Be My Valentine (Level I)
Not yet completed
Do You Have The Eggs Factor? (Level I)
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Luck Of The Irish (Level I)
Not yet completed
Fun In The Sun (Level I)
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