Stinkerbell is counting down the days until summer!
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TypeLucky Fairy
Born OnJanuary 27th (age: 11 years, 6 months)
Human's Name
GardenPleasant Valley Fairy Farm
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 
Sprinkle Diamonds 


 and Lulu wrote5 days, 20 hours ago

thanks for spotting my auk!

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 and Mirabelle wrote1 week ago

Thanks for spotting my green sugarsnout

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 and Rosasharon wrote2 weeks, 2 days ago

thanks for the showers you sent my way

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 and Lucy wrote3 months, 2 weeks ago

ty for spotting Elaina♥

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 and Dhmhtra Oriflame Thessaloniki Hellas Greece wrote6 months, 1 week ago

The must be flowering all the right flowers not ready for harvest

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                 ❤ ┊ ❤

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 and Redwings wrote8 months, 1 week ago

thanks for he sprinkles and the picture

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary V wrote9 months, 3 weeks ago

Morning broke & sun rays were making a dappled effect on the ground of the Landslip's edge. The group in the trees were waking to the smell of food from down below. Brendle & Dodd were up & were cooking breakfast. It smelt delicious. 1 by 1, the others descended the trees. Brendle had found some tree bark pieces, large enough to use as plates & had built the fire. They all sat in silence & ate. Apparently, this was the next part of their journey & no-one was entirely sure who they were meant to be meeting & when. All they knew is that between the 7 of them, they had to split 11 sorceror sacks, one for each to carry and 4 left over. The coaches had brought them as far as they could & had to return, with the horses, to the King & Queen. Wendle & Kendle went find 2 long, sturdy branches so that the 4 sacks could be threaded, onto each branch & carried by 2 people at each end of the branch. Moonface wandered over to Silky and asked that after they had packed the food away and were ready to leave, could he have a quiet word with her please?
Ty for popping by. xxx

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 and 'ღི♥ྀღ' Sweet Pea 'ღི♥ྀღ' wrote11 months, 1 week ago

(¯`✻´¯)  ♥ Thanks for sprinkling
         `*.¸.*✻ღϠ₡ღ¸.✻´´¯`✻.¸¸.♥ xx

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Quests Completed
Stinkerbell is Quest Level I, and has completed these Quests:
Level I Quests
(2 of 19 Quests Completed)
Mouse Hunter
Best spotting time:
4 minutes, 25 seconds
Nice Weather For Ducks
Not yet completed
The Tortoise And The Hare
Not yet completed
Bunny Business
Not yet completed
Watch The Birdie
Not yet completed
Here Be Dragons
Not yet completed
Reach For The Stars
Not yet completed
Not yet completed
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Not yet completed
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy
Not yet completed
The Ugly Bug Ball
Not yet completed
Random Assortment
Not yet completed
Seasonal Quests
Think Pink
Not yet completed
Spooky Sprinkling
Not yet completed
Winter Wonderland
Not yet completed
Be My Valentine
Best spotting time:
3 days, 10 hours
Do You Have The Eggs Factor?
Not yet completed
Luck Of The Irish
Not yet completed
Fun In The Sun
Not yet completed

Total Earnings: 24 Scrolls

Wildlife Spotted  
Stinkerbell has spotted 254 of 538 possible wildlife in other Gardens:
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(7 of 8 Spotted)

(6 of 8 Spotted)

(6 of 8 Spotted)

(7 of 8 Spotted)

(7 of 8 Spotted)

(7 of 8 Spotted)

Summer Wildlife
(10 of 15 Spotted)

Spring Wildlife
(10 of 26 Spotted)

Winter Wildlife
(16 of 16 Spotted)

Autumn Wildlife
(22 of 33 Spotted)

(2 of 8 Spotted)

(3 of 21 Spotted)

Bottom Dwellers
(0 of 7 Spotted)

Frog Breeding
(0 of 4 Spotted)

Pondweed Combos
(0 of 7 Spotted)

Fishy Namesakes
(0 of 7 Spotted)

A Rainbow Of Fish
(1 of 14 Spotted)

Pond Mythological
(1 of 7 Spotted)

Pond & Garden
(1 of 8 Spotted)

(1 of 1 Spotted)

Snow White
(3 of 10 Spotted)

Three Billy Goats Gruff
(1 of 5 Spotted)

Jack And The Beanstalk
(1 of 5 Spotted)

The Ugly Duckling
(0 of 4 Spotted)

The Frog Prince
(0 of 3 Spotted)

The Three Bears
(3 of 5 Spotted)

The Three Little Pigs
(4 of 5 Spotted)

Baby Chicks
(1 of 17 Spotted)

Mystical Butterflies
(7 of 15 Spotted)

Albino & Melanistic
(8 of 15 Spotted)

(2 of 7 Spotted)

(12 of 12 Spotted)

(2 of 7 Spotted)

(5 of 7 Spotted)

Baby Wildlife
(3 of 36 Spotted)

Mothers & Babies
(3 of 36 Spotted)

Levels 11+
(30 of 45 Spotted)

Levels 1-10
(31 of 38 Spotted)

(10 of 13 Spotted)

(9 of 19 Spotted)

Common Wildlife
(4 of 4 Spotted)

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