Delilah is sayin, only water if there is a whilter, save your gold folks
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TypeLucky Fairy
Born OnMarch 26th (age: 11 years, 4 months)
Human's Name
GardenTranquility (NZ) 3536th 7/8/10
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 
Sprinkle Diamonds 


 and Scoobers wrote5 hours, 48 minutes ago

it is the using too much Gold too fast Nik Nik so waiting for those Gems to give me Gold lol ;0 xxx

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 and Scoobers wrote2 months ago

thanks for the diamond sprinks Nik Nik I keep running out cuz of those pots I have to keep buying ugh lol xxx

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 and Sweetness wrote4 months ago

Things aren’t too bad though every day it’s seems that another restriction is introduced due to all the entitled ones. All states have closed their borders and now here in Queensland beaches are closing due to the influx of visitors. Steep fines have been introduced too, even for driving if not essential. I’m happy to comply with the rules so we can all get through this sooner.

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 and Kenidi Lynn wrote4 months ago

Yes, Jill was and still is my childhood best friend. She keeps me updated on my hometown as I haven't been back in over 40yrs since I have no family left there. I'm on the west side of Iowa and she is still on the east side of the state. They have it way worse over there! It is mind blowing what Clinton is going thru. My city is way larger that I live in and we are not having those types of issues although we are having some. I, thank god am out of the medical field now for the last 2 yrs. She works at an independent living facility but not sure what she does as she won't tell me so I'm assuming not as a nurse BUT definately in close contact with her patients so I worry everyday for and about her.  This is very, very scary as you well know. Her and I are 60 and 61 so it's definately eye opening. Our administration is an embarrassment and I lay fault completely on them for all these deaths! The so called president called it a hoax for at least 3 mo's and now all he does is lay blame on the dems and calls himself a wartime president! Ugh  He's never even gone to war as his money kept him out of it. He's pathetic and such a narciss

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 and Kenidi Lynn wrote4 months ago

OMG Nikli that is hilarious! And it made me feel so much better because the other day I had some very ripe bananas and decided to make a loaf of banana bread, Well I get to the very end where I had to add in the vanilla and I grabbed the bottle which I thought would have been vanilla as I have never had any other kind of extract that I remember so I open the bottle and poor into the measuring spoon and think hmmmmmm why isn't this brown BUT I dump it in anyway and then smell PEPPERMINT! Ugh!  I ran and grabbed my baster to try to suck the damn crap out of my bread LOL  I was going to dump it but decided to add the vanilla anyway and baked it. Ha ha ha ha  Of course it was the most beautiful loaf I have ever baked! Ha ha ha  So I cut it and tried some B4 anyone else caught on AND IT WASN'T BAD!!  Ha ha ha Not that I'd ever do that again on purpose! So tom decides to try it today and I just started laughing. He couldn't figure out why so I ask him. Did it taste alright and he says yeah why??? I cracked up and he said, you didn't poison me did ya?   I said did you taste anything different and he looks at me funny so I said how about peppermint!  He says now that you mention it, i did

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 and Birch And The Cocker Crew wrote4 months, 1 week ago

Wtg th for spotting 😊

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 and Delilah wrote4 months, 1 week ago
murk sun drag wish

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 and Kenidi Lynn wrote4 months, 2 weeks ago

Sad part is there are a LOT of ignorant young ppl that don't get it and they think they are invinsabel (sp) and are now dyjng!  We are def not out of the woods and I wish they would just do a lockdown NOW. At least you sound like you live in paradise! I have no problem staying in my house, I wold have no problem living like a hermet.  LOL  I get nothing done now each day as I sit glued to the TV watching all of this!  Stay strong and healthy Niki 

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 and Kenidi Lynn wrote4 months, 2 weeks ago

I'm sorry to hear that Niki ! But at least it sounds like your country at least jumped into action way sooner than mine! We are a mess here and still no total shut down. Hoarding is STILL going on here with no relief ! I'm sorry about your business Niki.  Sounds like you'd love to have your own therapy dog. Have you checked into that? They are very expensive here which makes me sad for ppl that need them. Maybe you could get a puppy and train it yourself as you sound like you are very good with dogs. Any loving dog is great therapy tho. My hubby and both daughters work for Royal Canin which makes Veterinary gade dog food so there jobs are safe, Thank GOD!!!!   My poor Son in law works for Kahills which is affiliated with Marriott, He is one of the top managers and it is killing him that he's had to lay so many ppl off. He really cares about his employees. They are NOT just numbers to him! He even helped every single one of them get set up for unemployment on his own. He is an amazing and thoughtful person! My daughter is very lucky to have him as her partner and hubby.  Let's just hope and pray this over SOONER than LATER! I have NEVER seen anything like this in my lifetime and wha

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 and Kenidi Lynn wrote5 months, 2 weeks ago

LOL I have 2 dogs myself.  At this point, I have my little Jack Russell/Terrior who is my ALPHA and then I inherited my Boxer/Pit from my daughter who moved and couldn't take her BUT my hubby always told her when she left, she couldn't have  her back! I guess he got his wish  LOL She is a BIG baby and let's my little one boss her around. BUT when I said I had to leave cuz I had doggy duty was because my youngest daughter has 2 Doberman's who are spoiled rotten and I go take care of them when she works because her and her hubby work such long hrs, I go spend 2 hrs a day with the big babies 2-3 times a week.  Her female is petite but her male (the newest puppy) is a horse AND thinks her's a lap dog! That is their 2nd male. I was very attached to their 1st male Dobie. He got bone cancer and it broke all our hearts and I swore if they got another I wasn't going to like it! They don't have long life lines and I can't handle death of fur babies. We are all animal lovers but Jamie and I are the worst! She always wanted to be a Vet but couldn't take death so that never worked out PLUS she kept bringing rescues homes from the Vet so I was so glad when she quit! LOL  Anyway I fought even lik

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