Matty is grateful to however sprinkled star dust on my flowers x
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 and And LJ `°w/``Huggable Oliver T Cadoodles Gnomes wrote2 weeks, 4 days ago

Thanks for making me laugh in the game I posted!!  Needed that!! xx

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 and And LJ `°w/``Huggable Oliver T Cadoodles Gnomes wrote2 weeks, 5 days ago

Take Care John. Getting warmer weather and hopefully will stay. How is your weather?? Trying to get more exercise but not sure physical therapy will be approved again so may need a plan B!!  Stay in touch when you can. Stay safe xx

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 and And LJ `°w/``Huggable Oliver T Cadoodles Gnomes wrote2 weeks, 5 days ago

So nice to hear from you John. Hope you are taking a little break at home to breathe,  rest and enjoy a moment with your family.  My hubby gets very busy at  work and can understand and relate. Real life comes first. hanging in. Weather has been sunny last couple days. With a little March breeze but feels nice compared to the crazy rainy cold and damp days we were having!! We rescued a cat from outside who had an eye infection but she lost her eye and was doing well. Gained weight and we thought once she had her teeth fixed she would have made a wonderful pet for someone. Greyce was so sweet and a lap cat! She has had human contact  & my neighbor had an area to keep her warm and dry.  Of course they find my hubby the "cat whisperer" and they bond to him. He used to talk to her outside all the time but our Shelters are some closed .

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 and And LJ `°w/``Huggable Oliver T Cadoodles Gnomes wrote2 weeks, 5 days ago

We tried many years to help these babies we saw born. We have rescued many and we are in a small place. Anyway I was taking care of her after her surgery and noticed something wrong. after 3.weeks. She couldn't eat well. We had to have her mouth biopsied and had an inoperable incurable aggressive cancer. She got worse so quickly. Stayed on my lap or took her in the house where I went. Amazing our other cats left her alone. They knew she was sick. Other strange cats they hiss at but not her. She passed away on Saturday. Tough weekend. My hubby took her on his side and she didn't move all cuddled up. Broke our hearts but I believe there was a reason we got to have her warm and loved the last few months of her life. For an  cat.snd especially an outdoor  cat,  she gave back  love. Now she is at peace at the Rainbow Bridge. xx

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 and Elsie wrote2 weeks, 5 days ago

Aww that’s good your okay but shame your so busy nae time to relax . I’m doing ok trying to get over upset about neomi smith do you get the EE or P&j was Stephen ex was with her 2 years bonnie bonnie Quine sentencing 6 April for the scumbag . Take care John xx

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 and Elsie wrote3 weeks, 2 days ago

Hi John boy keeping a paper trail so ye can find yer way back in case youve forgotten aboot us xx

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 and Elsie wrote3 weeks, 2 days ago

Hi John x

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 and And LJ `°w/``Huggable Oliver T Cadoodles Gnomes wrote3 weeks, 5 days ago

✨❄️ • ° * ”˜☽ ɦєℓℓσ
⋰ Տթɾìղƙℓєş by LJ
⋱✘ ♥ ✘ TY ❄️✨
Hello John xx Hope all is well xx

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 and And LJ `°w/``Huggable Oliver T Cadoodles Gnomes wrote1 month ago

Hi John xxx
Hope all is well. Just a reminder Peace Day is Saturday in UFW**& all Fairyland.  Pop in the group to say hi and garden if you are around anytime!  Saturday Feb 29th is Fairyland peace Day when Fairyland unites.  Usually a fun day! Cheers xx

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 and Elsie wrote1 month, 2 weeks ago

that's good your ok John just busy. yes all ok here too thanks xx

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