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Maybelle's Crazy Aunt has a mind not unlike a raging torrent of pickle juice, flooded with rivulets of pickled thought cascading into a waterfall of creative pickling alternatives...
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Born OnJanuary 23rd (age: 11 years, 5 months)
Human's Name
Garden~Crazy Aunt Bea's~
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
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 and *Zed* With Newt NIBBC wrote5 hours, 19 minutes ago

I am heading into my summer really...all is good. Thanks for asking.
It was concerning to hear that Joel is having scheduled phone visits. Is this in regards to his implant procedures? And all has healed nicely for step one of the procedure?
I finished up the thirtieth little house. I am keeping back twelve to distribute another time.
Finishing up a Hallowe'en craft that I had already done...but wasn't happy has been revamped and I think that I like it. Will add to the decorations for this year. Now whether I keep beyond that? Who knows...might rip apart to make something else.
We added in another walk and now no ooomph to finish my afternoon exercises. Hahaha. I will do them...just will procrastinate a bit longer.

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 and *Zed* With Newt NIBBC wrote7 hours, 19 minutes ago

Doctor's appointment was less than satisfactory. So I directed some nursing measures at Kevin and he is happy.
Not to be more bossy than usual...but might be nice to go private for Minka when it is time to do the hen? Only two hens and one gets a fairytale seed...just saying.

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 and Joe Cool wrote14 hours, 16 minutes ago

You’re so sweet.  I’d have walked off laughing. 

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 and Joe Cool wrote14 hours, 17 minutes ago

I’m glad you got a seed. You nicked my jack!  I’m having no luck this  morning. Think I’ll go sulk. And someone else blocked me. Really don’t understand why folks do that. It’s depressing your friend owlie was the first.  Makes me sad.  Obviously need food lol.  X bye

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 and *Zed* With Newt NIBBC wrote14 hours, 37 minutes ago

No seed required. That just made me laugh. Hahaha. Mind works in mysterious ways that most don't understand...including myself.
I am off to see Mr Wii will be a day of anticipation as Kevin has a phone doctor's appointment and I fear that the news will not get good...I am sure that he is thinking the same so will be sensitive to that. I will keep busy painting...

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 and *Zed* With Newt NIBBC wrote14 hours, 57 minutes ago

Some believe that with two beanstalks...only Jack will show. Keep watch and see. I never tested out the theory as I used one beanstalk and then moved to the other for the next set of Jacks.

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 and Minkabelle Legendary 7! wrote1 day, 1 hour ago

I was under the impression that this one was Mary's

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 and *Zed* With Newt NIBBC wrote1 day, 2 hours ago

Your timing is much like mine...close...but no cigar.
Oh by the way...that old friend of ours...the one with the cigar? I dumped him at the curb. Hahahaha

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 and *Zed* With Newt NIBBC wrote1 day, 2 hours ago

Probably for the best...then I would be tempted to stick around and do a Tale repeat. Hahaha.

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 and Minkabelle Legendary 7! wrote1 day, 2 hours ago

personally I never understood the two beans sprouts if you play with superfood. The beanstalk will last exactly as long as 15 feeds on for me that has always worked perfectly. I think if you work with double organic the two beanstalks are a great choice

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