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A little but up by seven

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Tip 5- urgent
Ok to get pot number- u cannot continue tops without knowing this.  every pot Has a different number and different order of critters.
This can only be done on a computer or laptop, u need a mouse.
1: wave your mouse over the pot
A little box appears
In that box move your mouse over ‘water’
Right click water
Now another box appears
Find inspect (normally near the bottom of the box)  and click on it.
Now a half window appears with computer jargon in the middle of that window u will see a group of numbers
That is the number of your pot.
Right this number down

Now copy and paste the following link into a new window this is the fairyland calculator which will be your best friend.


Now on that page u will see where u have to put the pot colour, first critter (u have to plant and grow top seed to fully grown to know what the 1st critter is) your front garden number which is:  xxxxxxxxx
Enter all this info and don’t guess anything because if u do it will be wrong.
Just ask and I will help try these instructions and see how u go

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Finding Pot number u need to know how to do this an absolute must doing topiary...
In your garden when u wave over the topiary bush that has a seed in it already and is fully grown (50% and over ) ... the little box pops up...
now in that box is - water / help or speak to the topiary.  click on help or speak to topiary.
another box pops up now if you have not trimmed then it tells you what animal you need to attract to trim the topiary bush. If you have trimmed then it will tell you what your task is and how you are going with it.
Now if you are trying to get the pot number when just in growing stage or even when empty and in your garden or in storage the same procedure applies:

Wave mouse over the top pot u want to check.
a little box pops up -
in garden ... just happily growing
right click on water
then inspect
and then a big half page box of computer jargon pops up on the right side of your page.
You will see the words water and a set of numbers next to it... that is the pot number.
Write this number down. u need it once u know the first animal on pot and use in conjunction with the calculator  the link below is the goo

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Tips 4 to

Tip 4-  there are 2 links that are essential.
1) The ultimate fairyland spoiler:


2) freedom fairies United (I call fairyland bible no offence):


The spoiler should bring back memories, it is/was an essential part of leveling up. Now we need it for topiary as I will explain next time.
The FFU fairyland guide is everything fairyland. I have given u the topiary guide to help u. But this ‘guide’ is a must read throughout. Have a read through. The plant guides and wildlife guides are lifesavers.
Ok your homework:
Have a read through both links.
I will explain the use of the spoiler next tip.

One thing I need to tell u though:
Once u are trimmed u no longer need the original attracting plant. Eg skunk 🦨 is attracted to the Rosa amora harvest this (unless u are doing 2x trims etc) a topiary attracts its own critter it does not need the original plant after being trimmed

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Hopefully this will help the newer fairies 🧚🏻‍♀️ to the world of topiary in FL. There is a lot of fear apparently for some who have previously tried and not done well.

1st tip - take a breath it is a long term trail. U won’t do it in 3 months.
2nd tip- if u are not sure ... ask someone who has done it or is doing it. There is never a dumb question.
Tip 3- u must start with a red trail... plant a seed  get it to fully grown either on its own growth or by dusting it.
Once fully grown ‘do not dust anymore with fruit dust’ !!!!
Wave over the topiary and click on help?? It will then open a little box and tell u what critter u need to attract. Then plant for that critter.
With red there is only 3 critters on a pot.
It will either be in 2 orders...
  1) Grey Squirrel 🐿
  2) Skunk 🦨
  3) unicorn 🦄
  1) skunk 🦨
  2) grey squirrel 🐿
  3) unicorn 🦄
So to save dusting plant ahead including a pink cap mushy. Fully dusted it takes 5 days to go rfh
And it helps to have rainbow rocks but I did it without them

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Tops tips day 4 part 2 -

U might be lucky to find a few of u have similar lists...awesome.

5) Always plan ahead especially in the higher pots, as some plants take a long time to grow out eg: odonata Igniflora (crane) 4 days from fully grown to rfh fuly sprinkled, Pink cap mushy (classic unicorn) 5 days from fully grown to rfh fully sprinkled, ventus (leopard) 8 days fully sprinkled from fully grown to rfh, Bonsai's (woodpecker) 3 1/2 days fully grown to rfh fully sprinkled.
As u can see some take a long time so planning ahead is essential.

6) Bonsai tips: grey squirrel and woody any bonsai will do but beware!! If u are growing for a woody my tip is dont use the moyogi as while it is fully grown it attracts giraffes so every time u use veges u will get giraffes. So my tip is not to use moyogi if growing out for woody.
You can attract GS using fully grown Bellis Lycaena I never used this method as I think it takes longer to trim but that is a personal choice and I had plenty of diamonds to shorten the bonsai growth. But if u do this method Dont use green or yellow as the GS doesnt like those colours
I use chai or taiyo unless needing giraffe

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topiary tips on my back wall if you would like to read them. They will help you begin xo

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