Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV

Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV Congratulations on becoming the 60783rd Fairylander to find a pot of Gold at both ends of the rainbow!
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TypeGarden Nymph
Born OnJune 27th (age: 11 years, 1 month)
Human's Name
GardenSerendipity aka The Enchanted Wood ( I.o.W)
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 
Sprinkle Diamonds 


 and Nutkin wrote29 minutes, 19 seconds ago

Hi there, thanks, I Spotted what I needed for an Egg! Who knows what will be required for the next one! Thanks for your concern xxxxx

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 and FIONA wrote2 hours, 27 minutes ago

You're very welcome 😃😃

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote3 hours, 20 minutes ago

The gnomes knew how to play those pipes, first,  there was a mellow, laidback feel to the music. So many octaves and harmonies playing at once but not overwhelming, just soothing..and then...almost without noticing, changing into a haunting melody... sad... but not for long. It turned into an intense piece of music, expectant. Everyone was agreed that the music seemed to be everywhere, from the sky, under the earth and gathering pace, like an approaching storm, the gnomes were playing brilliantly, Mandy had never heard anything like it. Moonface's eyes were shut, listening. Silky's gaze was riveted to the stage as the music's pace got faster and more upbeat. Folk started clapping and stamping their feet. Some got up and danced and soon, they were all up and dancing together, including Silky and Moonface, who linked arms and swung round in one direction before swapping arms and turning to the other direction, laughing...

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote1 day ago

First were the jugglers, 7 elves dressed in green and yellow who spent the 1st part of their act, juggling curled up armadillos. These would uncurl when up in the air and curl before they landed with shouts of 'woo!' and 'ha!' They were thrown up and across between the 7 elves in varying sequences which were hard for the eye to keep up with. The jugglers then started acrobatic sequences, handstands on one hand whilst continuing to juggle, pyramids made with their bodies and other amazing feats! The 2nd half, they retired the armadiilos, and carried on with firesticks that made everyone dizzy to watch. After the applause died down, the gnomes came on stage and lined up. In their hands were pan pipes of different sizes ranging form the bigegst, to the smallest and they started to play. The music was mellow with many harmonies and the crowd was totally silent whilst they listened...

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote2 days ago

The coach pulled up at the edge of the green and the folk who had followed, went skipping to the green to find their family and friends and to eat and drink.Mandy helped Silky down as she was quite 'fluffy' from the drink! Moonface hopped down with a great big smile on his face and enquired if the thrones were for he and Silky. Mandy confirmed this and led them over to the little wooden stage where they went up a couple of steps and then approached the little thrones. Made of branches and woven with flowers, not unlike the coach, each throne also had a cushion that Silky had made for the slippery slip. They had a table either side for food and drink and there were folk dressed up with masks on who were to wait on them for the rest of the night. Moonface and Silky held hands and grinned at each other as they took their seats and faced the main stage....

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 and Vic the Wizard wrote2 days, 5 hours ago

I fancy some of that gooseberry and rhubarb fizz.

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote3 days, 1 hour ago

They got to the top of the hill and slowly made their way down to the bottom where the green was. Silky and Moonface saw from the top of the hill, huge, brightly coloured flags that were around the green's edge and a stage with fairy lights. The green was nearly full of people, fairies, Elves, Gnomes, humans, animals etc all sat on blankets. From the top of the hill, it looked like a giant patchwork quilt of blankets, with sounds of laughing, dancing and singing. The Gnomes that had been following the coach and playing were tired and were glad when they could hear music so they stopeed playing and immediately got handed some Frizzecco....except for the leader of the band, Kramble, as she didn't drink alcohol. Mandy had brought some of Moonface's Goosebery and Rhubarb Fizz and so Kramble had that and thanked Mandy.  As they got further down the hill, they could see that in front of the stage was a smaller one, and on that were two thrones. Moonface clapped his hands in delight!!

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote3 days, 21 hours ago

The curtains to the second coach were shut, so anyone trying to peek in,  wouldn't see anything, no lanterns on this one and the horse was taller than the first and a silver grey dappled colour that seemed to dance along the horse's back. Still made as from the forest and the same size, the coach moved in total silence and at a distance from the group in front......
Meanwhile, at the front and with music and dance surrounding them, Silky and Moonface were sipping Frizzecco from long, slender glasses and Silky was quite dizzy with all the fuss that was going on. She was trying to ask Mandy all sorts of questions but there was so much merry noise and Mandy was dancing alongside the moving coach couldn't hear her so Silky gave up and turned to Moonface and gave him a huge smile. They giggled and started singing along with everyone else as the coach made it's way to the green...

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote4 days, 16 hours ago

Moonface helped Silky up, brushed her down and they both stood while everyone cheered, Mandy showed them the way to the coach, rose petals were thrown at them as they walked along. Moonface looked slightly bewildered but had a big smile on his face and when they got to the coach, Silky took one look at it and loved it!!! They both climbed in and the trumpettas started up again. This was the cue to move back towards town. Squirrels ran ahead to let the others know that they were on their way.  Travelling through the forest, birds, squirrels and other wildlife watched the merry band dance by and joined the end of the line to follow them until they got to the edge of the forest and then watched them further until they couldn't hear or see them anymore. They turned to return to the forest but had to move to the side as another coach went by, same as the first but with curtains woven with a daisy chain design...

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary IV wrote5 days, 21 hours ago

It was silent, except for the trumpettas who were getting closer, everyone was trying to catch the first glimpse and Mandy felt such an expectant air and then realised that there was a rumour that the King and Queen themselves would be coming. True enough she heard fleeting words like 'majesty' mentioned. Oh dear, they would all be disappointed but Silky and Moonface would be laughing for a time on this one!!! Some feet appeared a way up the tree and they soon revealed the gnomes who had been playing the trumpettas. They carried their instruments down with them awkwardly and a few folk at the bottom helped them down to the ground where they assembled again around the trunk and started up again. No sooner had they started playing then the doors to the slippery slip flew open and out shot Moonface! He stood up and brushed himself off and quickly turned to pick up his cushion. The doors flew open again and out came Silky, they both looked around in surprise at the crowd..

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