Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary V

Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary V Congratulations on becoming the 60783rd Fairylander to find a pot of Gold at both ends of the rainbow!
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TypeGarden Nymph
Born OnJune 27th (age: 11 years, 6 months)
Human's Name
GardenThe Enchanted Wood, I.o.W. (NO RULES)
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 
Sprinkle Diamonds 


 and Jelicofairykitty Luvs The Summertime Rays wrote1 week, 5 days ago

- -' ' " ` - ._
       `໑ _ ໑     )     `- .       (          ) .  `  __ .`)
       (  _Y_ .) '    ._      )       `._  `.  ` ` - . .-  '
   _. .`- - '_ . . -_ /    / - - '_ . '   , '
( i  ) , - ''       ( l i ) , '    ( ( ! . - '
   ღ ღ HAVE A FAB YEAR!!!

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 and cuteitalian wrote1 week, 6 days ago

Tried to sprinkle...xo

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 and Cora wrote1 month ago


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 and My Tara - FFU, NDMP, ALFF wrote1 month, 1 week ago

I've read more of the story. Still another chapter to read as I had to go back to work. I love it!

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 and 'ღི♥ྀღ' Sweet Pea 'ღི♥ྀღ' wrote1 month, 3 weeks ago

┈┈╲▕╲▂▂▂▂▂▂╱▏╱Dracula xx

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary V wrote1 month, 3 weeks ago

He put the pipe down on the arm of his chair, looked at Whatsisname & sighed. "I haven't known of him for so many years. Not since I was a very young pixie. And seen him only a couple of times since. You never know which one you're going to get with him. If I was to reach out, would it be Sage or Tappa Moss?" He aimed the last part at Whatsisname as he also had known Sage, but later, in another time. They hadn't been as close as AP had been to him. Whatsisname had only really known him as Sage.  Angry Pixie went quiet & picked his pipe up again. His eyes softened & then twinkled as he remembered younger days & old friends.  "Umm...could you catch me up please?" asked Saucepan man, who was leaning right in so he could hear what was being said. He & Whatsisname were quite taken aback with the look on AP's face. His wrinkles had all but disappeared & he was smiling. He shook himself suddenly, the look gone. He turned to The other 2 and said, "Okay, I'll tell you a story. Pots...go get more biscuits."

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary V wrote1 month, 3 weeks ago

After the meeting at AP's, they agreed to keep in more frequent touch. They were sticking to the time of the next meeting with their traveller friends. Mandy & Patience left the tree and went home, leaving AP grumbling to 'Pots' and asked the squirrels to double up the guard at the top of the tree  taking ear trumpets, pen & paper and plenty of nuts & snacks. He sat & wrote out a  very carefully worded message to the King & Queen to let them know what had been going on and asked for some advice. He sat, angrily puffing his pipe & then heard a knock at the door. Mr Whatsisname poked his head round and asked if he could come in and have a word please? AP nodded and waited for Mr. W to sit. Pots came in from the kitchen with a pot of tea and placed in on the table. "Strange times beginning, eh, Pixie?", said Mr.W. This was met with a nod. Pots poured the tea & stirred. Mr. W leaned forward and said, "May I make a suggestion?", there was pause, so he continued, "You thought about getting in touch with Sage?"

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 and Lady Raven(Proud ALFF Member) wrote1 month, 4 weeks ago


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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary V wrote1 month, 4 weeks ago

Kramble had been pleased that the Landslip had held off moving about for a couple of days as it meant that he had been able to teach the lads the basic map of the area. He was looking to see which one of them was leadership material as he was getting on now. One of the oldest of his clan to hold the job actually. It was getting more difficult to navigate this place though. After the great slip a few years back, the whole map had been redrafted. That took forever and still wouldn't have been finished except for the help from the Baronials. He stopped again, briefly, and looked about for the Oak tree shaped like an 'F', looked down at the map and then turned to his right. "This way!", he barked out. "Up we go!"  The others who had all been busy talking, stopped & looked to where Kramble was heading. The girls were open mouthed, looking at the slope as it was really steep. Not much of a problem for some but they were surprised at how high it was, you couldn't see it from the Landslip's Edge. They paused & then started to climb...

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 and Silky From The Faraway Tree Legendary V wrote2 months ago

They had started walking through the Landslip, all 11 of them, as they were now, some quiet and some chatting away. At almost the rear, were Dodd, Brendle and Moonface. Behind them was Tarfle, short, round and white, with fur that almost covered his face like a long fringe. His legs were shorter than short so had to work 3 times as fast as everyone else. This meant that all that could be heard was huffing, puffing and every few steps, a 'PFFFT' sound that the 3 in front had turned round to find out was him blowing his fringe out of the way of his eyes so he could see where he was going. A couple of times he had tripped, either over a tree root or his spear. Up in front, Wendle was at the front, holding both the branches that were carrying the sorceror sacks getting to know the other  Guinea Pigs, well, 2 of them as Kramble was finding the path via help from various birds & landmarks. The girls were in the middle, discussing Pookas and what it could mean for them & their friends.

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