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 and Shayla wrote3 weeks ago

Are you in a heatwave?  Heard a lot of places over on that side of the country having heatwaves & suffering, I feel for you.  Heat just drains me...

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 and Shayla wrote1 month ago

Hi honey, how are you?  Sheba came to live with me last Fri. she's a 3 mth old black fur ball.  I don't feel as lonely but Bru will be in my heart forever, like all the cats who I've loved & lost in my life.  Can't wait for Aug to be over....& have sensible  Faerie blessings my dear...💖

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 and Shayla wrote1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi sweetie, how are you?  108 tomorrow, I'm just gonna melt...I miss my furry family member big time...

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 and Shayla wrote2 months ago

Happy you saw a kingfisher,  I'm not sure about those plants, don't understand the instructions very well..which might be the  How are you? 

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 and Shayla wrote2 months, 1 week ago

Whoa, I have HUD & my rent is $483. Luckily I don't pay water & sewer, just gas & elect.  & our power co.  PG&E went bankrupt after they were found guilty of causing the fire that wiped out the town of Paradise, taking lives.  They're prob. guilty of many of our fires bc their pylons are out of date by a few yrs.  Now THAT is crazy as far as I'm concerned.  But yep, bc elect is so exp.(even w/all the deductions I get)  getting used to warmer temps in my apt also makes it easier to get used to outside temps. However when we get to the higher temps like 110f on up  (117f is avg) I don't think anything helps. Get up earlier, nap in the middle of the day when it's hottest, & enjoy the cooler temps in the evening.  Starting now tho our coolest temps are like 77f at 6 am, there are times I regret moving here, with only one upside to this being I see my daughter & grandkids more frequently as I'm just off I-5, buuut now we have Covid so I've not seen them this year.  When I live on the coast which is much cooler, more beautiful with the Redwoods, mountains & 6 rivers...if it gets 77f there, it is
Faerie blessings honey,  💖
what are your temps like?  Humidity?  we are pre

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 and Shayla wrote2 months, 1 week ago

yes it does go lower honey, but since our temps get to117 & up (highest recorded 134 f) it helps if you leave it a bit higher, to try & get used to it, bc one thing you don't get used to is the elect bill (i get every discount avail)  Did you know a/c's are only designed for ambient weather (80f)?  Don't know why no-one designs ones for up here, or NM, or AZ.  Meanwhile elect Co.'s make bank..of course...I only just got last summers bill paid off ($354.00)  I don't need heat in the winter unless it snows but it's only snowed here once in the 4 winters I've been here, most of the time I don't need heat, I might shut the windows, but it doesn't really get cold like I'm used to.  By next summer I should be able to have a/c set at 78 or's still cooler than outside! 120f is unbelievably hot but it's dry not humid.  I hope you're doing great, if I recall you have humidity big time, makes all the dif in the world, humidity vs dry heat.  Faerie blessings lovely, for you & yours  💖

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 and Shayla wrote2 months, 1 week ago

Hi Lovely, yeah it's a bit rough right now.  It gets incredibly hot here.  My a/c is set at 77 or 76 during the day & just wipes me out.  If I could get away with it I'd be up at night, but the world isn't set up that I just have to make it til fall!  lol

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 and Shayla wrote4 months ago

new one being a new battery/programmer for neuro-stimulater...

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 and Shayla wrote4 months ago

Hi Rebecca,  I froze it for tonite, don't want baby bull coming when I'm sleeping lol.  I'm ok, had all my x-rays today for review to make sure all my leads are still connected to my spine so I can have a new one put in since it quit working about 2 yrs ago.  The one for my neck still works after 13 yrs!  Tremendous help with pain management so looking forward to it. My low back has been bothering me a lot & cut down on my ability to be on PC & in my garden & everyone else's.  so very soon I hope to be able to be on here as much as I was in the beginning.  How're you & is it your sister that lives with you?  Anyway hoping you are well & this isolation stuff ends soon, but not too soon or I believe it will have another peak of Covid 19.  Take care lovely & many faerie blessings to you & yours💖

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 and Shayla wrote4 months, 2 weeks ago

Hi sweetie, thankfully no virus for ppl I know thank goodness.  However allergies & changing weather are taking their toll.  I go back to rheumatologist soon will find out treatment then.  I'm glad you & yours are good, many blessings honey!

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