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 and An Elf Named Chas (South African Fairy In Ireland) wrote2 weeks ago

Hi Carol.

Thanks for letting me know.  I have finished spotting the required HB.  I will keep an eye on your garden if no one else needs to spot.

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 and MJ wrote2 weeks, 3 days ago

back in the evening xxx

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 and MJ wrote2 weeks, 3 days ago

thanks xxx

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 and MJ wrote2 weeks, 3 days ago

can you please message me when you open again for cassowary?

need one badly for quest

thank you xxx

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 and Mary wrote2 weeks, 4 days ago

TY Carol xx

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 and Nocturna wrote1 month ago

late night greetings to you carol, it has rained and rained no end for 3 days and now comes the sun for a few so perfect for growing but not just the desired plants unwelcome stuff appears out of nowhere, no sign of potatoe beetles yet but they will arrive, everything is growing well alhough tomtatoes are looking a little depressed they dont go grow much in cold nights but now its pedal to the metal!!!
still working home coz of corona , may start going back in groups in july need the conditions to stabilies its still there isnt it?
how are the zuchnnis??? i love making a kindo of biscuit with them using carrots and flour really tasty, all is good here wishing you a wonderful weekend xx

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 and Nocturna wrote1 month, 3 weeks ago

good afteroon on a break from two spells in the garden,  i had to read that twice ….. 35 degress and you are growing cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes, thats a lot of watering , i only go for tomatoes it is a 200 metre walk to the river to get water and the tomatoes need in high season about 1/2 a can each i couldnt do that !!

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 and Nocturna wrote1 month, 3 weeks ago

good afternoon Carol from a sunny dry blue sky lauter valley, all the chores for the day have been done now almost time for the garden! Todays menu is cut the grass , prepare the ground for tomatoes and French beans and hand care for the beetroot, so a good few hours with a bottle of lemonade to go and enjoy the fresh air, althought it is really starting to warm up now. The tomatoes want to be out but the temperature overnight would harm them so they will have to wait!!!! Got two types this year, the standard and the cherry tomatoes, the beefsteak as they are called you need strong plants and little work supporting them which i dont feel like doing this year. i also need to make sure the heedelbeere are doing ok thats a new recruit for this year, so whats in store for Carol today in the world?

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 and Nocturna wrote2 months ago

Good morning Carol from a rainy windswept Lauter valley, garden took up all weekend so little time for much else, the corona virus restrictions are being eased a little but the infection rate is going up again, i dont think here in the village they will rush to follow suit with everyone else.

This weekend was a herb planting weekend so all in, and then we had rain every day overnight so a great start for them but a bleak look for those waking for the week as in the humans like me!!!

stay healthy, stay positive have a great start to the week xxx

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 and Nocturna wrote2 months, 1 week ago

evening Carol a very productive day here out in the garden now in getting ready for work more tomorrow (at home coz of this corona thing), sunny day and going to be sunny all week, whats in store for you x

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