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Born OnMarch 22nd (age: 11 years, 4 months)
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 and Teddy 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Hi Kay I’m getting there they said it was slow and it has been the side affects from the tablets are not pleasant the main ones are so strong you are told it’s against the law to drive with them never heard that one before don’t drive so ok with that for the fist time have been out today was told have try no matter how hard to move to keep the muscles working went in a car to one shope was hard but did it think the heat is not helping so warm my brother is not so good he could not pass water was taken in to hospital had two letrs of water taken from him still during his treatment he goes back next week to have the catheter they put in out he has never went out he thinks everyone will know can understand that so if it’s not any better don’t know what he will do he so wants it out wee Teddy is not doing well in this heat won’t eat just done we are not used to heat hear hope all is well with you Kay and all your family and the Fur Babies thank you so much for asking love from Mary and Teddy xxx

 and My Beloved Fur Babies From MN USA3 weeks, 1 day ago

Evening Mary,   Wanted to stop by and say HI!.  Hope things are starting to turn around for you and your family.  Take care, HUGS xxx

 and Teddy 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Hi Chloe we have had the sun and dry but wind everyday and it’s not a warm wind where I live there are people that have to come my way to get put onto the main food for the bus and some are still in there winter coats but it’s a good walk out and the wind is always on your face so far think my brother must have settled down with this catheter he was going to phone on Monday if it had not settled but it’s my sister he tells everything to but she always phone’s and tells me or I would know nothing phone him or text him but he just says he’s fine it is what it is Chloe you will be busy getting your brother party sorted it’s one of those birthdays that are special will you get the same holiday as the schools get the girl across the fence from me she is at Edinburgh university think she will be going into her last year after the holiday she is going to be one of these OT at the hospital but she is doing a extra year which gives her the qualifications to also be a social worker her gran was that made good money not a job I would like as when it comes to making a decision about taking children from there parents would be not something I would like to do have a good week Chloe and take car

 and Maxine1 month, 3 weeks ago

Afternoon Mary. So sorry to hear about your brothers struggles. Really isn't fair when you are in need of help and have to wait so long in pain! Hopefully if he still isn't so good the Western will be able to help him out a little bit. It took my nan a long time to get any help when she was taken unwell, calling the doctors most days, ringing 111..such a shame. Hope you are doing okay though Mary and taking care of yourself as well. We've had some lovely weather the last few weeks, even if maybe a little too warm some days. Day off today so have spent it reading my book, tidying up my desk area/uni books and notebooks ready for when the next lot arrive. Planning on just chilling for the rest of the day, have a few recordings to watch on the tv and hope to finish my book today. Will call my grandma this afternoon. Also planning a surprise party from my brothers 18th birthday so need to make a few arrangements for that xxx

 and Maxine1 month, 3 weeks ago

Hi Mary. Didn't have too many side effects from my vaccine luckily, just felt cold the night after and boiling hot the morning after but other than that all good. I know what you mean about your tablets as long as you are doing what feels best for you that is the main thing. Day off today which was nice after 14 long days at work. Had to spend the day doing my uni assignment that is due for tomorrow though but its the last one of this year until October so isn't so bad. Back to work again tomorrow. Hope you and Teddy are well. Hugs to you both xxxx

 and Maxine2 months ago

I agree Mary, the Indian variant is getting terrible around my local area as well. I have my 2nd vaccine yesterday. My arm has been aching today and I was freezing cold all night and then boiling hot sweats this morning. Still not taking any chances either, haven't been out anywhere other than work. I don't have a day off until Sunday, by which time I will have done 12 shifts in a row so will be needing the rest. I have an assignment due next Tuesday so will spend Sunday and Monday getting that done. How have you been xx

 and Maxine2 months, 1 week ago

That's right it is scary with regards to the Indian variant. Be glad to have my 2nd vaccine at the end of the month but I know it won't make me immune from getting/passing it to other people so I am still being very careful. Glad to hear you are not doing too bad. Sorry to hear about your brother but if he is anything like you he must be very strong. Love&hugs to you and Teddy xx

 and Maxine2 months, 2 weeks ago

No you are right, lots of people around where I live don't seem to take much notice of the goings on and are acting like everything is back to normal when sadly it is far from it. I'm not too far from Cambridge and it seems that all of the shops there are busy again. I only really pop into the town centre I live in, which is quite small so not much there but enough to get the basics. Haven't even been there for about a month or so as haven't needed anything and if I have I have ordered online. My dad lives in Leith and works in Edinburgh. I like this city but don't think I could ever live in such a busy place myself, nice for a visit though. We have been to a few places near by, my step dads family live in a village outside of the city so we have been to see them before, can't remember the name of it. I know some of his family are from Bonnyrigg but I don't think that's where we visited. Would love to go to the zoo next time we are able to go and see them both as I haven't been there yet. My dad has lived there for about 8 or 9 years now I think. We have gone to most of the museums, been to the royal yacht Britannia twice and done lots of shopping and walking about. Would love to d

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