Dandylion is hunting critters and only returning sprinkles if something is due. PLEASE do the same in our garden.
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Born OnMarch 5th (age: 10 years)
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 and Catelinn wrote12 hours, 8 minutes ago

Hi dear.  Yeah, I spend most of my time sleeping.  I am shaking what ever I had, little by little.  Today because I am the driver, I had to get my husband to therapy.  I am not allowed inside of the hospital.  No one is.  Only the patient.  So I sit in the car, but hate running the engine because of the pollution.  I finally gave in and turned it on.  I got chilled to the bone brrrrr.  I guess it is about 40F here today.  Plus wind from the North west.  BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.  Please keep yourself safe, and now back to bed HA :)

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 and Dandylion wrote15 hours, 19 minutes ago

Dandylion, with Pitter in tow, flew by on fluff for a quick hello✨•°*”˜☽

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 and TIGERLILY wrote1 day, 19 hours ago

Hi Pitter,
I'm in the UK, in a very small village in South Yorkshire. I'm an RMN and working from home at the moment.
Wishing you and family well during this time, we're totally getting through it with friendship on here xx
Have a blessed Sunday xx

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 and Catelinn wrote2 days, 3 hours ago

Hi dear. How are you and your family? Please stay in good health,  and find peace during these hard times.  Is your city in lockdown? Ours is. We are good for now. I picked up the worst virus ever.  Probably from either the Tucson gem show or the plane coming home. Someone next to me got on the plane with a face mask. That was Feb. When people did not take it seriously.  That was me, 5 days later flop sweats rattling lungs and an ice pick between my eyes.  I finally turned the corner last Thursday.  About 20% better.  Finally got cough syrup,  but I had to wait 2 weeks for the clinic to get back to me.  Our son waited on hold 8 hours for tele doctors. He runs a CVS and has always been careful about closeness.  Both he and our nephew have US homeland security approval.  They have to display them in their car window.  Our nephew who lives here has to make sure computers are available for tele workers.  A giant white bucket truck is in front of our house.  I  have to drive 3 days a week for therapy on his knee replacement. That was nearly a month ago,  and I have not been able to be with him. He is living in the front room, all the rest are in the 4 bedrooms.  Our daughter Leigh is he

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 and Dandylion wrote2 days, 4 hours ago

            ʌ„„„ʌ       ʌ„„„ʌ
           (◠ᴥ◠)    (◠ᴥ◠)
          ❄️ * ❄️  ❄️ * ❄️
❤️°*•.¸( \ || / )  ( \ || / )¸.•*°❤️

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 and Pixiebelle wrote2 days, 5 hours ago

Tired Mama here, I can totally relate! ❤️ 💖 💓

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 and TIGERLILY wrote2 days, 22 hours ago

Love your status .. I read this yesterday

"I'm tired out looking after my mum's grandchildren" 😂🤣

At the moment we only have two, Lily-Mae at almost 6 going on 16 and a newbie called Lucas at 8 weeks. We've not seen Lucas for over 3 weeks now because of the situation but no doubt we'll make for it .. big style .. in time

Stay safe xxx

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 and Ellie wrote3 days, 14 hours ago

Thanks for the laugh!

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 and Catelinn wrote4 days, 18 hours ago

Our son lived in Findlay.  He was there close to 10 years before coming back.  Glad you are safe, and sound.   When I go out I wear my driving gloves.  It helps me not touch my face.  Easy to wash each night, and dried on the radiator.  Take care now. We are in Milwaukee WI

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 and Dandylion wrote6 days, 12 hours ago

🌸Thank you for visiting us at our garden! Greetings, Smiles, Dandylion fluff and sprinkles if something is due🌸

Good Morning Starshine, the Earth says Hello!
You twinkle above us, We twinkle below!

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