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 and Daisy (Bristol UK) (#37 0f The Lorraines Of Fairyland) wrote58 minutes, 59 seconds ago

Lovebirds thanks Jane. Only just got up, don't feel too well,  ear is still playing up and my throat is so sore I dread having to swallow. I wish John wouldn't keep talking to me, my voice has virtually gone, so he doesn't hear what I say, then I have to try and say it again! Hope I'm OK by Tuesday, supposed to be going out for lunch with the girls and Rebecca and Katie. Hope you are ok Jane xx

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 and Kiki Are No #5 In The New Carol's Club wrote2 hours, 19 minutes ago

Sunny morning sprinkles...its looking good Jane....enjoy while you

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 and Tinkerbelle wrote4 hours, 35 minutes ago

Morning Jane looks brighter outside at the moment and quite mild for this time of the year, ducks are very noisy as well. Grandaughter Amy and her boyfriend arrived back from Thailand full of all her travels to an elephant retreat where they helped feed and wash them, she has always loved elephants and was full of it, the only thing they didn't like much was muggy weather at night, but they really enjoyed all the different activities xx

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 and TULIP wrote12 hours, 31 minutes ago

Oh dear, more rain Jane?  Hope Sunday is better for you.  I got stung by a bee on school field aged 11.  I did a handstand, slipped on the wet grass,n sat on a bee!  Ouch sore bum. Ha! Ha!  Dull old day here.  Hoping better 2moro to hang some washing out.  Got a lot to do in my garden, moving all the stuff off the concrete 10ft x 6.6ft as want to buy a shed/greenhouse.  Have to ask permission 1st.  Can take weeks apparently.  Sigh.  Still cutting back pyracantha on other garden.  Be over there 2moro for an hour.  Lots of shopping to get 1st.  Have a good Sunday too Jane.  xx

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 and Mandy wrote13 hours, 29 minutes ago


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 and Honeysuckle & Tyttebøvs Garden. wrote13 hours, 48 minutes ago

Good night Jane and have a happy Sunday ❤️ I freeze my Garden overnight, when I have Topiary, because All need to be spotted on times.

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 and Elsie wrote14 hours, 12 minutes ago

Night night Jane enjoy the remains of your Saturday hope you enjoy your catch up TV . I’ve got to bed now , I did a bit of sewing and tidied up a bit before coming to bed , I hate coming down in the morning and finding the place in a right state, TV seems to be diabolical for a Saturday. Malcolm felt real tired and went to bed early tonight heard him having a wee snore lol. I watched a programme while sewing drone around Britain it showed Dunottar castle which is 15 miles south of us . I never knew there are puffins on the cliffs there then watched great British car journeys. Hope you sleep well Jane sweet dreams and God Bless xxx

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 and JƛƇЄ♥ wrote14 hours, 14 minutes ago


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 and Elsie wrote16 hours, 13 minutes ago

Evening Jane hope your having a good day. Stephen is still very tired looking it will take him a few days to settle in , he has a offshore survival course on Monday he has to renew his certificates. made them mac'n cheese for their tea put sliced tomatoes on top and put it through the grill ..stephen's favourite lol.. Got all my ironing done won't need to do any tomorrow the sheets were not as bad as I thought they would be maybe because the material is softening with its 2nd wash or it could be my due to my new Breville iron got it a couple of weeks ago its fantastic its the best one yet I think once I got use to it as it is heavier than my old one . yes I would like a sunshine day away Jane.somewhere where its really warm sunshine  and those cream cakes sound delicious lol.. hope you enjoy the remains of your evening Jane xxx

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 and Gobby. S W England .. .Now a Cornish Fairylander wrote16 hours, 20 minutes ago

Grey day ....
Bought new kettle  as mine poured badly 
Abz  just landed in Rome  ..Wish i was there  :) Shes there with Uni mates  for 4 days 
Sweet dreams and hope you have a nice dry day tomorrow Jane  xxx

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