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 and Selene wrote20 minutes, 26 seconds ago


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 and Fidget wrote22 minutes, 24 seconds ago


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 and Selene wrote52 minutes, 14 seconds ago


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 and Dream Fairy (FFU) wrote1 hour, 41 minutes ago

ღ H E L L O ღ
Thanks for the mouse xx

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 and Pug Trixie ( S.A) wrote2 hours, 8 minutes ago

(\_/)_.-""-.,/) evening
; - - `; -._ , `)     ✨ ✨
( o_ ) __,) `-._) Ţɧɑɳƙ ƴơư ƒơɾ ṿɩşɩţ 🌿spotting

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 and Halloweena Cobweb wrote2 hours, 9 minutes ago

      💜  |  💜
   💙  \|/ 💙
  💚 LoveLight 💚
    💛 /|\ 💛
     🧡   |  🧡

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 and PooH's Kat Rescue & Memorial Garden wrote3 hours, 57 minutes ago

new dbl organic food out
thank you for visiting

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 and Angelika ( FFU) wrote4 hours, 50 minutes ago

Rainy Friday xx
--------                   ║
                   ¸.••/•**•\•• .¸
        ¸•*´'`'*.•./•*´'`'*•\.• *´`'*•¸
                           ||   (`₎„₍´)
                           ||    (• •)
                           ||   ( ‘ °´ ) ∕⁀
Hi Mitzi we have just been pottering round the house catching up with jobs today as its been raining so much , I did not sleep so good last night because during the day my hand started burning and got worse as the evening went on so I put it on an ice pack which eased it a bit but when I went to bed it got worse it was the palm that was so hot I was lying with my hand gripping the iorn bed post for cool , I tried another ice pack but my hand heated it up it was so hot , I got up and put some TCP all over it and eventually got some sleep , I do not know what caused it , I did chop a chilli up in the morning  and grated ginger but thats nothing unusual , or I could have touched something at the garden centre when we popped there in the afternoon , I guess I will never know lol for dinner today I had steamed fish on spinach and peas in sauce it was nice , hope you have had a good

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 and Missy Moo wrote6 hours, 49 minutes ago

Afternoon Mitzi x

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 and Ticketty Boo wrote23 hours, 36 minutes ago

____ ****•♥**•♥****_________ .
|'*☆ღ☆*'|_Just Dropped in _|'*☆ღ☆*'| .
\*☆ღ☆*/¯)).. to share.. .((¯\*☆ღ☆*/ .
.乀____乄...A..Coffee......乀____乄 .
Hi Mitzi, hope you still have a roof, It hasn't been too bad here today, cold but dry. I am really tired now, we have dag Nolan  and Cassidy after school as Nicola had to go and visit a college with Edison, hope he gets one that he likes.   I going to get ready for bed  now as I can hardly keep my eyes open.   Goodnight and hope you sleep well tonight.    xxx

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