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 and Candyfloss And Aron The Gnome wrote8 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Thank you for any wildlife spotted/game wins.
           Questing Lev.8 "Fairy Nuff". :)

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 and Odin wrote11 minutes, 45 seconds ago

allowed out again ... sprinkles

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 and Tinker's wrote53 minutes, 32 seconds ago


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 and Tully wrote1 hour, 15 minutes ago

        (¯`✻´¯)  Sprinkles ♥

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 and Ellie wrote1 hour, 20 minutes ago

As I was soaring in the sky
      A beautiful garden caught my eye
      I fluttered down without a sound
      and couldn't believe what I had found
      Flowers so pretty and food for the mice
      I stayed for while, it was so nice
      Its time I go, so as I fly on by, I'll leave
      you now and say bye bye xxx

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 and тяιηιту {NDMP} {FFU} wrote1 hour, 28 minutes ago

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 and ™� Flossie ™� Proud NDMP Member wrote1 hour, 43 minutes ago

*´¨`☽          ¸.*❤️´☽
(      ☆*      ℋ ℯ ℓ ℓ σ * ´
    ❤️ .¸¸¸Thanks for stopping by xx
Love from North Queensland Australia
FM thank s

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 and Gardinia wrote2 hours, 31 minutes ago

Good evening sprinkle!

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 and Mr. Tibbs wrote2 hours, 38 minutes ago


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 and Moondreamer - Darwin, N.T. Australia # 23 GGM wrote3 hours, 23 minutes ago

The Hummingbird set
Is finally complete
Without your help 
Couldn't have it beat
For me it was such
A stressful feat
So happy it's done
Don't wish to repeat
Now waiting for plants
That I can unseat
Have a fabulous day 
Hope it's a treat.
              © L. Hanson 

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Cuckoo: Arrived 3 hours, 48 minutes ago
Spotted by Maeri Faeri And Her Wonderdog Arrowulf, Gaff Gang after 5 minutes, 20 seconds
Reward: 2
Field Mouse: Arrived 6 hours, 38 minutes ago
Spotted by Claire after 9 minutes, 10 seconds
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Mallard: Arrived 8 hours, 49 minutes ago
Spotted by Rosebud proud alff member after 33 minutes, 11 seconds
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Field Mouse: Arrived 2 hours, 21 minutes ago
Spotted by ™� Flossie ™� Proud NDMP Member after 37 minutes, 22 seconds
Reward: 1
Field Mouse: Arrived 5 hours, 22 minutes ago
Spotted by MollyCat - after 11 minutes, 30 seconds
Reward: 1
Field Mouse: Arrived 8 hours, 30 minutes ago
Spotted by Lucky Lucy (UK) after 18 minutes, 5 seconds
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Field Mouse: Arrived 10 hours, 20 minutes ago
Spotted by 420 Fiona after 37 seconds
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