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Nature Quest Issues (Post by Mike)
Board:Help With The Game
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 and Bug wrote2 months ago

Hi Everyone,
Sorry for the issues in the new game!

What's happened is that a LOT of people joined up in a short period of time so Facebook thought it was a spammy application or something and temporarily closed down our access to their API!

I'm contacting them to get the issue resolved - it may be ok again in an hour, or it may not be until tomorrow...

Sorry about this!

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Post by Fairyland Developer

 and Jezabel wrote2 months ago

Only to  be expected to be honest
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 and Ash wrote2 months ago

Thanks Mike!
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 and Bug wrote2 months ago

Note: as a workaround, it looks like you can actually get in again if you copy and paste this link in your browser:

But avoid Facebook features like the "request gifts" feature for now as they're what causes the issues at the moment - you'll get the error again if you try these! (but if you do accidentally, no problem - just copy that link again)
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Post by Fairyland Developer

 and εїз „MƠԼԼƳ εїз wrote2 months ago

No still can't get in
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 and Sweet wrote2 months ago

I still can not get let me join the game and I have the link button in facebook page. I tried it and copy paste link several times,,, I just keep getting the Play game button, I press that and up comes the Play game button again and again........whaaaaaaa, LOL!!! Hopefully I will get to play sooner or later, lol
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 and Sir Dover of Doverland wrote2 months ago

Neither approach is working, Mike.
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 and Catherinefairybelle Of Bunnahabhain wrote2 months ago

Im watering on  bubble ripe plants and nothing is happening?
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 and Skyler (York UK) wrote2 months ago

I got in spotted hares but not registered
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 and Buster B wrote2 months ago

Not working, Mike~ Need a hug? LOL~
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