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Free Gold - Birthday Edition!
Board:Ye Olde Fairyland Tavern
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 and Vienna wrote3 months ago

Hello! It was my birthday yesterday, and I was able to buy some Gold as a treat. I know what I want to do with some of it - hunt for Birthstones! - but it would make me happiest to share some as well.

So, just comment and I will gift you 10 Gold!

I will post again either if there is no interest or if I can't gift anymore ^_^
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 and Sweet wrote3 months ago

Hi Lisa, I hope you had a great Birthday!
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 and Sparkles wrote3 months ago

happy belated birthday lovely xx
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 and Miruko wrote3 months ago

Hope you had a great birthday Lisa :D
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 and Mone wrote3 months ago

Happy birthday sweet Lisa x
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 and Hazel wrote3 months ago

Hope you had a fabulous day Lisa xxx
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 and Gina (South African Fairy In NZ) wrote3 months ago

Hope you had a lovely birthday
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 and Ditzi wrote3 months ago

Did you have a good birthday? Lots of new cross stitch projects? xx
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 and Rose wrote3 months ago

Happy Birthday Lisa ! May all your wildest dreams come true xxx
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 and Riley wrote3 months ago

Happy Happy Birthday Lisa !!
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