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where did my long eared owls go?
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 and Ashley wrote2 months, 1 week ago

I know the long eared owls will only be by every 3 days because they are attracted to a different bonsai every day - or am I misunderstanding it? Anyway, I havent seen one in about a week, trying to keep this garden up long enough to have 1 spotted. Thanks to anyone who might have any advice  : )
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 and Cobweb wrote2 months, 1 week ago

I suspect it's because you have too much competition for the food, from the grey squirrels.  You need one deterrent for each attractant, and as you have two attractants (the orange Bellis also attracts grey squirrels) you would need two deterrents.  I realise you're trying to deter the Woodpecker with the Bellis but as the orange attracts the grey squirrels, you might want to change the colour to green or yellow, neither of which attract grey squirrels.

Even then, the Long Eared Owl is rare, so takes patience.  The next day it can show up to your bonsai is Friday.
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 and Ashley wrote2 months, 1 week ago

ty tracey - it wasnt till yesterday that the grey squirrels became a problem - I didnt realize about the colors. Thanks  : )
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 and Cobweb wrote2 months ago

You planted your Bellis just over a day ago, so I wonder if you didn't have one planted before that?  If you didn't, or if you had one but it was yellow or green, then you would only have had the one attractant for the grey squirrel, which would mean that one deterrent (your Carmena Aviflora) will have been deterring the greys 100% :)
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 and Ashley wrote2 months ago

Yes I had one planted all along - just can't remember what color it was

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