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 and PolkaDot Thistledown wrote6 months ago

If you put in a Rainbow Butterfly plant and it sparkles, does it keep sparkling even after a BF is found or do you have to keep replacing it in order to not get the caterpillars?
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 and Sparkles wrote6 months ago

It works the same as all the other plants - once the butterfly is spotted it stops sparkling.
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 and Cobweb wrote6 months ago

It stops sparkiling once the butterfly is spotted.  If you want the different colours of caterpillars, just put out food which the butterfly can't come to.  But if you just want butterflies, you will need to keep replacing them or planting in multiples to keep the butterflies coming.
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 and PolkaDot Thistledown wrote6 months ago

Thanks Claire and Tracey!!

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