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Birthday Egg

 and JaTiLu(Oregon,USA) Proud Member Of The JANET CLUB~ wrote6 days, 1 hour ago

How is it I am seeing gardens with 4 of the 5 nests holding Birthday Eggs and I cant even find 1???  Is there a trick?
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 and Cobweb wrote6 days, 1 hour ago

In most cases, lots of time spent hunting, and lots of dumping of the other eggs.

There's no trick.

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 and Titania wrote6 days, 1 hour ago

I'm being a bit thick about the Birthday egg and can't decide if I need to have birthday cake in my garden to attract one to a nest or not. Please can some sensible person put me right!
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 and Trillium wrote6 days, 1 hour ago

You don't need Cake in your Garden to attract - I just got one without Cake. I did have to dump about ten Eggs before I got a Birthday Egg, though.
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 and Eternity wrote6 days, 1 hour ago

You do NOT need to have Birthday Cake in your garden to get a Birthday Egg.
All you need is an empty nest and spotting the Easter Bunny elsewhere.
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 and Titania wrote6 days, 1 hour ago

Thank you !!
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 and babii bells wrote6 days ago

How do we get birthday cake to place out for the birthday chicks to hatch?
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 and Cobweb wrote5 days, 23 hours ago

Leave out an empty plate, spot birthday wildlife in other gardens.  You can see in the Misc section of the Wildlife Guide how many of each it takes to drop the cake onto the empty plate.
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 and babii bells wrote5 days, 23 hours ago

Thank you!!!
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 and Luna ™and Chuffing Puff Puff ! wrote5 days, 22 hours ago

i spotted 45 bunnies this year before i got my first bday egg and a couple of bunnies later ive got a second one :O having to spot 45 before i got one seemed a bit extreme but it shows  they do come eventually janet so keep at it :)
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