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Fairytale seeds.

 and Cherber wrote11 months ago

I have checked the "Fairytale" section of the Wildlife guide. I am unsure HOW I can get a F/T SEED to plant in order to attract the fairy queen. Can you pls help me?
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 and MƳŞƮƐƦƳ wrote11 months ago

So if my memory is correct, you need to attract the evil queen first, she takes the first bite and won't come back.  You need to keep Snow White OUT to the first feed so must plant a supershroom to do this.  When the Evil queen has come to that first feed you now need to rip up that Supershroom  so Snow White can now appear, and plant a mushroom to keep the mice out.

Ensure you have the two snowdrop vases in your garden as every 5th Snow White spotted plants a snow drop which attracts the dwarf.
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 and 420 Fiona wrote11 months ago

She is still on the first fairy tale though so she can’t be trying to attract the evil queen. I’m confused.
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 and Sparkles wrote11 months ago

I think she's just asking how to gather fairytale seeds. The inclusion of the word "queen" is possibly just a mistake.

Gabriele, you get the seeds for spotting multiples of the fairytale wildlife in other peoples gardens, or for spotting multiples of the albino and melanistic wildlife in other gardens. You can check in the wildlife guide to see how many of each critter you need to spot for a seed.
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 and 420 Fiona wrote11 months ago

Oh okay, that makes sense! I should have realized that. Thanks Claire!
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