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Saving gardens as web archives
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 and Seychelle wrote11 months ago

I get so excited when I find some of the wildlife. Awhile ago I discovered how to save the page (and the animal's animation) as a web archive on Safari. I can store this in my computer and when I click on it, I am able to see the garden just as it was when I spotted the critter, complete with animation. Lovely for butterflies and now the cake-eaters. On Safari, I go to "File", click on "Save as", then make sure the format is "web archive" and hit "save". I get a thumbnail of the page on my desktop and can store it and replay whenever I want. Nice to be able to see the butterflies which are not so numerous as they once were.
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 and Cobweb wrote11 months ago

I've not come across that before, Benni; it sounds really interesting :)
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 and Seychelle wrote11 months ago

Thanks, Tracey. It's great. I have many of my families saved and the butterflies of course, and the birthday creatures. I started when I was still working, saving articles for further use. Then it hit me that I could save my beloved butterflies and watch them flutter anytime I wanted to. 
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 and HARRY POTTER VII , ALERT 10 Min wrote11 months ago

Favorite, is  same
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