precious pink

Born OnSeptember 13th (age: 13 years, 2 months)
Human's NameAmmadee
GardenUtopia for my precious mum and sisters
Sprinkle Gold 


Pauline and Fay20 hours, 39 minutes ago

Hello Dee, am back in FL. Have had problems with my computer. Fixed at last now. hope you are ok. xx

Deb and Lily2 days, 12 hours ago

Hi Dee
I’m so happy you all had a wonderful time and many beautiful special memories will be all of yours forever
I know it is sad when he and family left but it’s wonderful he is positive even though it is getting harder for him. You and Peter made their visit very special and he talked after the one performance to friends
Just wonderful Dee 💕
You’ll see him soon and family
I’m so happy you wrote
Stay warm and please take care Dee
Love and hugs xoxo

Deb and Lily3 days, 1 hour ago

Hi Dee
I think your cousin left today
I’m so glad they came and had a wonderful visit
I’m sure he and family had a great time sharing stories music laughter
So very special 💕 I’m glad you will be going to visit them in January as he will have something to look forward to which gives him the strength and determination to keep going to see you and Peter soon
Love and hugs Dee
Have a lovely day xoxo

Elizabeth and Misty / Sheba My Cat And Companion Now A Angel In 5 days, 5 hours ago

Hello Sis! My heart go out for you,
I never liked the letter C, but now
I hated more than before. I'm soo
sorry about your cousen, Have a nice
time with him. Thank you for telling me.
You welcome my dear friend,
Wish you well. I'm going one day at
a time. Covid take a lot out of me,
I'm very weak, I'm not able to do my
garden as I use to be. My darling
Daughter Liz starting treatment
tomorrow, she went back to work.
Last week, but she only work 2 days
a week. My son want me to go to his
place for Christmas, To South Australia.
I don't really want to, but I go this time.
Love & Hugs Sis. xxx Have a nice day.
Give Roudh a Hugs for me. xxx

Ammadee and precious pink1 year, 2 months ago

Red Flora
Fire Stone
Green Flora
Forest Stone
Old Bucket
Blue Flora
Ice Stone
Giant Sea Shell
Yellow Rosa
Earth Stone
Old Bottle
Indigo Rosa
Night Stone
Tea Cup
Orange Tulipa
Sun Stone
Wooden Bucket
Violet Tulipa
Love Stone
Golden Pot

these are the numbers from your front wall

not sure if i need the back or front wall  will try the back now   
you could try one of those pots if you want   

Ammadee and precious pink1 year, 2 months ago

TOP TIP for Nightingales
You will need to change the colour of the Carmena Uniflora every day by Gold Dusting them, the order is as follows:
F = Sunday / Indigo
A = Monday / Red
C = Tuesday / Yellow
E = Wednesday/ Blue
G = Thursday/ Violet
B = Friday / Orange
D = Saturday / Green

Sis! do you know if thes is corect, Hugs xxx

Elizabeth and Misty / Sheba My Cat And Companion Now A Angel In 1 year, 5 months ago

Red Panda ..NO PANDA,,,
Gorilla.....NO GORILLA...
Giant Panda,,,NO PANDA


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