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TypeWoodland Fairy
Born OnJune 5th (age: 8 years, 8 months)
Human's Name
Garden~♥~A Merry Magical Meadow Garden~♥~
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
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Sprinkle Diamonds 


 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote1 day, 5 hours ago

❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~ Thε woods arε full of Fairiεs, thε trεεs arε all alivε. Thε rivεr ovεrflows with thεm, sεε how thεy dip aηd divε. What fuηηy littlε fεllows, what daiηty littlε dεars. Thεy daηcε aηd lεap, aηd prancε aηd pεεp, aηd uttεr fairy chεεrs ~ ❦ ∕̆̃̃♥

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote1 day, 5 hours ago

~♥~Known as hag stones, holey stones or witch stones, rocks with a naturally occuring hole in them are said to give humans the ability to peer into the world of Faerie when they close one eye and peer through the hole. They are considered by cultures around the world to be a protective amulet when hung on a cord.~♥~

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote3 days, 4 hours ago

~♥~Wood Nymph | Half human and half plant, the Dryad, or Wood Nymph, tends to the flora and fauna of the forest with tender loving care. The shy, wild animals trust her completely because they know they can always depend on her for kindness and understanding~♥~.

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote6 days, 7 hours ago

~♥~a fairy is....Quiet as sunshine, Quick as the air; She'll bring you some magick, You won't know she's there. She'll cast you a bright spell, She'll make your heart light; And lovingly guard you Through darkness and night. Catch your glimpse gently, And then let it go; For a moment you see her; For a lifetime you know.~♥~

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote6 days, 20 hours ago

~♥~The English believed that fairy rings were where fairies came to dance and celebrate, the mushrooms of the rings were used as stools for the fairies to recuperate during the evenings festivities. One European legend tells of the origin of these rings as being burned into the soil by a sleeping dragon's tail.~♥~

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote1 week, 1 day ago

~♥~Mermaids are mythical and legendary sea-dwelling creatures of European & Asian folklore, resembling a woman, with a human torso, but having a fishtail or tails instead of legs. Mermen are also heard of, but have a secondary role in the lore of the sea. Other similar water spirits include nymphs, dryads, oceanids, hamadryads, naiads, nerieds, oreads, and undines~♥~.

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote1 week, 4 days ago

~♥~"You have found a faerie ring deep within the forest, a circle of mushrooms. People will speak to you of spore and fungus circle. They would say that each season of growth fungus sprouts outside the edge of the space it filled the previous season. Those who have opened their minds, hearts and souls to the realms of magic may speak to you of the faeries. Those who know the faeries will tell you that faerie rings are where the faeries dance and perform many of the rituals of their own magic."~♥~

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote2 weeks ago

~♥~The name leprechaun may have derived from the Irish leath bhrogan (shoemaker), although its origins may lie in luacharma'n (Irish for pygmy). These apparently aged, diminutive men are frequently to be found in an intoxicated state, caused by home-brew poteen. However they never become so drunk that the hand which holds the hammer becomes unsteady and their shoemaker's work affected. Leprechauns have also become self-appointed guardians of ancient treasure.~♥~

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote2 weeks, 2 days ago

~♥~Yunwi Tsunsdi – Cherokee Little People The Little People of the Cherokee are a race of Spirits who live in rock caves on the mountain side. They are little fellows and ladies reaching almost to your knees. They are well shaped and handsome, and their hair so long it almost touches the ground. They are very helpful, kind-hearted, and great wonder workers. They have a very gentle nature, but do not like to be disturbed.~♥~

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote3 weeks, 6 days ago

~♥~In traditional Irish Folklore it's commonly believed that any lone hawthorn tree is a portal to the fairy realm. Usually they are on a small hill surrounded by water.~♥~

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