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~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ welcomes all fairies & elves to her garden and even (daresay) the HOBGOBLINS!!
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TypeMeadow Fairy
Born OnJune 5th (age: 9 years, 11 months)
Human's Name
Garden~♥~A Merry Magical Meadow Garden~♥~
Garden LevelLevel 42
Wildlife LevelLegendary
Sprinkle Gold 
Sprinkle Diamonds 


 and Zen-Frog Freedom Fairy Admin wrote1 month ago

★. '* ☆ ¨ ¯ `* ★ ☆★. '* ☆ ¨ ¯ `* ★ ☆

We came to verify but alas, your garden was frozen for more than 4 weeks.  If you thaw before four months frozen has passed, please message me or any admin to get re-added to the sprinkle lists and active membership. You are still in the main group. After four months continuos frozen, you will be removed from FB group also, and will need to reapply for FFU membership. Thanks so much for being a member of Freedom Fairies, and we hope you can return to active membership soon

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 and Zen-Frog Freedom Fairy Admin wrote2 months ago

Please join us for our month-long Underwater event starting on April 01st.

Now is the perfect opportunity to go underwater while there are many seahorse gardens in fairyland.

Join our event here for more details https://www.facebook.com/events/1354114754775602/

If you have already completed everything you need to in the pond why not consider helping out fellow members by offering your mentoring advice in the group? Just let me know if you think you can help.

We hope to see you in the event :)

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 and Spirit wrote2 months, 1 week ago

~ Sprinkles filled with
  Ostara Blessings on this
First day of Spring ~

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote2 months, 2 weeks ago

❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~Yunwi Tsunsdi – Cherokee Little People The Little People of the Cherokee are a race of Spirits who live in rock caves on the mountain side. They are little fellows and ladies reaching almost to your knees. They are well shaped and handsome, and their hair so long it almost touches the ground. They are very helpful, kind-hearted, and great wonder workers. They have a very gentle nature, but do not like to be disturbed.❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~

♥~♥~♥*•.Ʈђaηƙ ყღʊ ƒõя √ιṩιʈιηɠ.•*`♥~♥~♥

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote2 months, 3 weeks ago

❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~The most well-known and loved house elf in folklore is the Scottish Brownie. The Brownie is a small male creature, between one and two feet tall, who takes up residence in a deserving family's home. The Brownie is said to reside mostly in Scotland, but some say the Scottish immigrants brought the Brownie over with them to the United States and Canada in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds. The Brownie's temperament is mild and he is rather helpful with chores around the house. When the woman of the house goes to bed, he has been known to finish her chores. ❦ ∕̆̃̃♥

♥~♥~♥*•.Ʈђaηƙ ყღʊ ƒõя √ιṩιʈιηɠ.•*`♥~♥~♥

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote3 months ago

❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~Airmid, also known as Airmed or Airmeith, is the ❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~Celtic Goddess of the Healing Arts. She was  a member of the Tuatha De Danaan, the most ancient race of deities in Ireland and just as they did, she had great magickal powers. ❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~

♥~♥~♥*•.Ʈђaηƙ ყღʊ ƒõя √ιṩιʈιηɠ•*`♥~♥~♥

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote3 months ago

❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~All running water (not just spring water) can prove to be the haunt of faeries, for crossing over (or through) running water is one of the ways to enter their realm.❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~

♥~♥~♥*•.Ʈђaηƙ ყღʊ ƒõя √ιṩιʈιηɠ.•*`♥~♥~♥

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote3 months ago

❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~For thousands of years, the sudden appearance of a ring of mushrooms was a sure sign of otherworldly presences. These rings would seemingly appear overnight, or travel from one location to another, with no clear rhyme or reason. Warnings of the dark forces that must create these abnormalities were passed down between generations, and the folklore of fairy rings was established.❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~

♥~♥~♥*•.Ʈђaηƙ ყღʊ ƒõя √ιṩιʈιηɠ.•*`♥~♥~♥

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote3 months ago

♥~If you see a fairy ring in a field of grass~
Very lightly step around~
and tiptoe as you pass~
Last night fairies frolicked there~
And they’re sleeping somewhere near~
If you see a tiny fae~
Lying fast asleep~
Shut your eyes and run away~
Do not stay or peep~
And be sure you never tell~
Or you’ll break a fairy spell.♥~

♥~♥~♥*•.Ʈђaηƙ ყღʊ ƒõя √ιṩιʈιηɠ.•*`♥~♥~♥

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 and ~♥~Rosey Posey~♥~ wrote3 months, 1 week ago

❦ ∕̆̃̃♥ ~a fairy is....Quiet as sunshine, Quick as the air; She'll bring you some magick, You won't know she's there. She'll cast you a bright spell, She'll make your heart light; And lovingly guard you Through darkness and night. Catch your glimpse gently, And then let it go; For a moment you see her; For a lifetime you know. ❦ ∕̆̃̃♥

♥~♥~♥*•.Ʈђaηƙ ყღʊ ƒõя √ιṩιʈιηɠ.•*`♥~♥~♥

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