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 and Laima (Aus) FFU wrote7 hours, 39 minutes ago

Hi Denise... finally catching up on a few old back wall posts.  So glad that this new treatment is working on your cells... it must be hell to go thru and also finding out you have it and in an aggressive stage... but how lucky you are that there is a light at the end of the tunnel... like me your angel/s are watching over you!  I never had rehab after either of my TKR's who knows maybe that's the problem, surgeon was always astounded with my positive outlook and trying my hardest after the first op to do what I could b4 I went home... he is one of the states top ortho surgeons as he's head of 5 ortho teams in Melb hospitals includ The Alfred.  And he said that if he believed a person to have the right mindset that they could often do better than any rehab could.

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 and Laima (Aus) FFU wrote7 hours, 39 minutes ago

I was doing so well up until 12wks with my first op and I went with my older sister to a Sisters Market the other side of the city... omg is all she was interested in was buying a lovely outfit/shoes/handbag to outdo her new hubby's ex at an engagement party.  She had me out for 10hrs and 7 of that was walking... since then I went backwards and have never got to that point again no matter what I tried.  When my eldest sister (the brains) found out she blasted my sister for having me out for so long just coming off using my last crutch... as I ended back on crutches again for another 6mths and have had a hip bursitis since then... I got so bad my dr put me back on oxy & endone for another 5mths!  I've never told my sister that I think it is her fault that I've suffered so much with my first leg as there's nothing that could be done once the damage was done.  I did ask her a few times if we could go home as my leg and I was fatigued but no she was gungho at shopping.  My hubby said I should've let her go, found a cafe to sit in and ring him... hindsight what a wonderful thing... lol

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 and Laima (Aus) FFU wrote7 hours, 40 minutes ago

But I'm still having problems with my 2nd one too... both are just as bad as each other altho the first one has the better bend by 15 degrees.  I was warned that it could take 18  mths to heal and I'm now at 26 & 16mths and my surgeon isn't at all surprised so I guess for some a long recovery is normal!
I'm with you only good things for the both of us for now, we've both been dealt a tough card in life xox
Wow you are truly blessed to have so many grand children... and especially lucky that Alexis & Amelia (love their names) live close by to you and I'm green with envy that they're now in Hawaii my dream home!  What I wouldn't do to be able to revisit there... but I count my blessings since it was a childhood dream and we have been there 5 times for a month each visit so I can't complain!
I'm actually dreading Christmas Day as this one will be our 10th without our daughter and it's haunted me all year and then 9 days later would've been her b'day and 9 days later again mine... so it's a 10th for all 3 occassions... I've not being well this month with depression and it's getting worse the closer we get to Christmas.

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 and Laima (Aus) FFU wrote7 hours, 41 minutes ago

But thank god for Chloe she lifts my spirits so much when I'm down, like this morning her and I went shopping together and she asked if we could go to Gloria Jeans while there we had a lovely time together she has given me so many wonderful moments since the day she was born, don't know what I'd do without her!  She's not long left as she's going to stay with her mum for a week but will be back her xmas eve.  So she'll at least brighten out xmas morning when she gets up as she still believes in santa!  Then hubby and I go and have morning tea at the cemetery altho some years instead of going to our extended family lunch we've had lunch there instead, you'd be amazed at the amount of people that do!  Our family alternates between dinner and tea, we handle tea much better we are still too raw emotionally for mixing with others straight after the cemetery.  My family get it except my sister who took me shopping and it's at her place this year and I so don't want to pull out at the last minute but Steve has said if we're not up to it we're not going!  Wow amazing how far and wide your family is spread.  My brother doesn't always come down for xmas as he & his wife and their youngest s

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 and Laima (Aus) FFU wrote7 hours, 41 minutes ago

Was very strange as they just got bombarded with their 2 daughters having 5 grandchildren btwn them and next thing my sister in law who I really love as a sister wants to move to Cairns... we all think she had a bit of a breakdown and didn't want anyone to know... and when she does come down we virtually never see her nor do her kids as she stays with her mum.  Shes coming down this xmas to be with her mum she has made no plans at catching up with her daughters and their children... she always was a bit of a strange one, but hey I take people for how they treat me and she was so good to me through my tough teen years with extremely strict religious parents.  And still now I can ring her and talk to her about anything and it goes no further... I'm surprised tho she hasn't mentioned anything about herself tho but I suppose some things we like to keep to ourselves.
Anyway it's 7pm didn't realise the time and best go have some tea... having a night off and just having salad sangas!!!
Love & hugs Denise xox
(sorry about my waffle omg once I get started my fingers just go for it)

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 and Fiona (Australia) (FFU) wrote2 days, 10 hours ago

LOL.  Too funny, Denise.  I will be sure to let her know and to pass on your regards.  You have a great weekend too.  By the way, I love the photo of your beautiful family.

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 and Dazzle The Doodle wrote1 month, 2 weeks ago

Level 14 FLORA Praecocia pots are these......
Old Bottle (blue Flora),
Golden Pot (red Flora),
Coconut (green Flora)

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 and Snow*Shoe [USA] wrote1 month, 2 weeks ago


This site will help you a lot in the game

your ID is 6630 ...

the correct pots for your level 14 seeds are --- Golden Pot,  Coconut,  Old Bottle

Best luck !

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 and Serendipity wrote1 month, 2 weeks ago

I added you to my favorites...welcome to fairyland!

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